Learning About Quail…

Have you heard of the brand, Quail? I’ve been hearing about them more and more recently… It started as a mention in a magazine, then a mention in a press release, finally ending up with the internet slowly exploding with Quail(s).

Whenever this happens, I like to try to find out what the brand is all about, and why they’re suddenly hogging spotlight, little by little. Naturally, Google scared the crap out of me when I did a search for more information by sending me to The Dictionary of Sexual Terms (huh, whew knew “quail” was… so… multifaceted as a word?), but eventually I found some information.

Quail was started by an L.A. girl named Michelle Nguyen Williams, who takes inspiration from her homegirls, which I totally love. In all honesty, her lines are not… exactly… “budget”; however, when they hit the sale rack, they fall nicely into my price range, anyway (which is definitely less than $100… Although right now, my budget is hovering around “less than $2”).

Her pieces are swingy, girlish, and a little sexy-playful, if you ask me. Some of the silhouettes bring old Chloé designs to mind, while others seem to have a unique flare, all their own.

Additionally, though, I really wish that designers would stop using the phrase “wearable classics with a modern twist”. I feel like I’ve read that 500 times from 500 different designers – come up with something new, folks! There are lots of adjectives at your disposal.

Quail Georgia Racer in Emerald
Quail Georgia Racer in Emerald
$143 $72

Quail Crepe Pant in Black
Quail Crepe Pant in Black
$195 $98

Quail Willit Short in Black
Quail Willit Short in Black

(Of course I love those shorts – they’re the most expensive yet!)

Quail Dee Leggings in Black
Quail Dee Leggings in Black
$88 $44

I’m vehemently against the “leggings as pants” movement, as well as the “denim leggings” idea… But for some reason, I’m not disgusted by these…

Quail “Let Them Eat Cake” Tee

$56 $46

Quail P&P Tank

$115 $35

You must take 8 seconds to go to the site and check out the back of this top – extended straps WHAT?!

Quail Ten Skirt

$114 $87

High waist? Check. Structure? Check. Two neutral color options? Check. POCKETS?! CHECK!! New favorite skirt, for sure.

So? What do you think of the breaching-the-radar style from Quail? Love it? Hate it? Seen it before?

Let me know in the comments!


Probably watching Netflix.

3 thoughts on “Learning About Quail…

  • June 28, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    Oh honey no. Jeggings? Elastic waisted pants with crinkled roll up cuffs? Just, no. These would look like crap on most people to boot.

  • June 28, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    I really like the tee shirt and the skirt, but I’m not a big fan of the other stuff. And the P&P tank is cute, but someone needs to get that girl a bra ;)

  • June 29, 2009 at 1:04 am

    @Kristy Victoria: I totally agree, girl. I endorse the two tops, the shorts, and the skirt for public wearing – don’t get me wrong! I know good and bad when I see it, haha.

    @Michelle: Too much nip?! :D

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