Linkasaurus! 1.26.09

I really have to do better at these Linkasauri? Linkapodi. There’s just too much good stuff out there, it’s not fair to hoard it all for myself.

First, a quote. I read NYLON magazine all the time, because I’m naturally attracted to bright, shiny things… I always read every single page, ads included. I also regularly read the Letters To The Editor. Previously, when I worked at a newspaper as the Arts & Entertainment editor, it was rare that we’d EVER get a letter to the Editor. REALLY rare. Now, NYLON gets them all the time, and it sometimes annoys me, because they’re always fruity and foo-foo with their “You’re the best EVAR!” and “OMG stuff is so pretty!” “letters”.

Well, let me just tell you how refreshing it was to see the following letter plopped on the first page, saying what (at least) I have been thinking about most magazines:

nylon-quote on broke and beautiful curvy women
Note to self: Proofread images before saving.

Megan (of the wonderful blog Charade) guest posted on College Fashion and weighed in on the pros and cons of having a fashion idol.

Gnarlitude, a few posts ago, revealed an amazing knit Chanel bag from an indie designer… She now generously shares the designer’s Etsy site. Score!

Is it normal to collect girl-crushes on fashion bloggers? Because I’m racking up a big list. Close to the top is Zana Bayne of Garbage Dress, a San Francisco-based insanely beautiful girl with amazing taste. I love that she rocks whatever the hell she wants to, and she’s got an ACE body for it, too!

My darling Daneen of Spoiled Pretty sent me a link today that I had to toss up here. She found an adorable pair of Kenneth Cole boots marked down from $265 to $47.99! The catch? They’re only in a size 10, so any 10-ladies, JUMP ON IT!

Another lady who reads my mind on a semi-constant basis, Ashe Mischief of Dramatis Personae, makes us all want to be Diane Keaton when we grow up, and makes “aging” look hot.

If we talk on iChat, you’ll likely have been bludgeoned to death with my advocation and aggressive suggestions regarding Karla’s Closet – perhaps the #1 blogging lady-crush on my list right now. If you don’t read it, subscribe immediately. She’s. Just. Amazing. The perfect mix of high-end and high-street.

I recently gave up cable television because it “rots my brain”, as my Mom used to say, so I missed the epic SAG awards last night. Luckily, my new favorite budget fashion blog, Smartypanties, gave me all the Best Dressed info I needed to know.

My new favorite non-fashion blog has to be Indexed, for their poignant approach to analyzing life’s littlest events.

Also in the non-fashion-related world, DARK MINT CHOCOLATE FRENCH MACARONS. That is all.


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  • Ashe Mischief

    1) Secret Agent Radio is my FAVORITE on iTunes.

    2) I totally have a huge crush on Garbage Dress’s Zana, too. Her style is so unique, bold, and inspiring. Though I couldn’t rock it myself, she does it with gusto.

    3) <3

    Ashe Mischief´s last blog post was Mischief, My Dear! shop launch!

  • I’m a huge fan of SomaFM! I loved their holiday stations last month…

    Also, I lovelovelove Indexed! I wish I’d come up with it–I love making charts and graphs like that. :-D

    amanda lee´s last blog post was Sixteen Things You Didn’t Know About Amanda Lee!