MY SHOES! Pt. 2: Mystery solved!

Commenter “VA”, whoever you are, I could kiss you!


They’re Balenciaga Platforms from the Spring/Summer 2007 RTW collection.

Here’s a link to some images from the collection:

The shoes also come in white.

Here’s some up-close shots of Mary-Kate wearing them:

I haven’t been able to find a place online that is selling them, but I can keep searching.”


It’s them, it’s really them! Now to find where they’re still sold… That’s the tough part.

Thank you so much, Random Fairy Commenter! <3


  • VA

    I’m still looking for them for sale online – I consider these things a challenge. I’ve been scouring the inter-webs since the first time you posted the Nylon magazine spread.

    Glad I could help!!

  • So, this might make me a total bitch, but as I scrolled down the page I thought “Why are they having a skinny teenage boy model the…OH.” Hmm.

    Ahem. At any rate, good luck finding the shoes, and at the lowest price possible!

    Michelle´s last blog post was Wishful thinking…!

    • No, dude. I thought the saaaaame thing.

      • ahahaha. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I showed it to Matt (the fiance) and he was like “wait…she’s not SUPPOSED to look like a boy?” ha.

        Michelle´s last blog post was Things I Love Thursday!