NYFW: Erin Featherston

Speaking of TCO (totally cuted out), if you caught any part of the Erin Featherston Fall/Winter ’09 collection, you may be in need of an insulin injection followed by a shot of tequila, because this is getting out of control.

Fortunately, Erin Fetherston brings a slightly less saccharin-saturated brand of “adorable” to the table. This collection was the type of “precious” that brings a single tear to the eye of Tim Burton and makes Jack the Pumpkin King cuddle his ghost puppy and smile.

If this still isn’t translating, just imagine that Winona Ryder’s character in Edward Scissorhands came to Ms. Fetherston in a dream and said “Make clothes for me.” If you consistently have the confidence to rock a hoop skirt and blood-colored metallic… everything, then allow me to present to you Erin Fetherston F/W 09:

I adore the stockings in this collection. The crazy mis-matched bars at the top are so… strange without being ostentatious. Honestly, I get that the first time you look at it, your eyes bulge and you instantly think of the knot in your stomach you’d likely get if you tried to wear it outside… But the more I look at it, the more realistic I think it may be. More likely in this form:

This has all the beautiful red metallic, but in an easier package. You could throw that coat over almost anything to add a little splash of glamour into your outfit.

PS – Hi, shoes.

While whatever logic was involved in the inclusion of the baggy-beanies escapes me, the coats in this collection are massaging my Jackie O. muscles to the point of infatuation. Also, the stripes are driving me wild. I don’t know if I could bear the headache inducing patterns too often, but separately, they’re amazing.

Alright, I promised you some Nightmare Before Fashion Week imagery, so let’s get on it.

Maybe my favorite look from the entire show. I love the wispy white dress in combination with the BLACK BLACKNESS OF BLACK that is… everything else she’s wearing. Add the adorable satin bow belt – perfection.

Volume = epic proportions. Remember that super-cute Miu Miu mini-dress from a few seasons ago? (You know, the one ripped off by every mass retailer on this side of the Atlantic?) Well, this is comparable volume, and everyone and their mom wore that Miu Miu dress until their eyes bled, so wearability is essentially confirmed. (I just added “wearability” to my dictionary. +1 for team English Language Destruction!)

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(Super Voluminous Miu Miu dress from Spring 2008)

And this is where we draw the line. This is a complete disaster. Can you imagine Anna Wintour rocking this at the Met Gala? I’d pay to see it, but that’d likely be the last time.

So sleek! Compared to the other ensembles that trotted down this very same runway, this is completely streamlined and focused; realistic and 100% wearable. ery mod, but updated, too… The cape is gorgeous, and the stockings are to DIE FOR.

Obligatory Erin Fetherston LBD of astronomical proportions. I would fall over with giddiness if I had this in my wardrobe.

More amazing coat action! (Birdie tells me they’re called “Lady Coats“, which makes me love them even more.)

I would wear these pieces exactly this way if I had them. I adore the sweater tights, the floral skirt, the cropped, shrunken metallic jacket, the gold/white striped top underneath…. FAVORITE LOOK EVER OF THE COLLECTION!

Maybe my favorite part about Erin Fetherston is that she totally embodies her collections. Every season, she comes out after the show looking like the official postergirl for all of the looks that just strutted up and down the runway. She’s her own muse, and I love it when a designer feels so strongly about their collection that it just overruns all of their other clothes, and they wear it to the fullest. She’s so awesome.

(Sans clown suit.)


  • Shelley

    I just love how you write about fashion, Miss Elle! So fresh and not a cliche in the batch. Somebody needs to discover your talents, for sure.

  • Sophie

    I wish I were a skinny bitch, seriously. I would rock these looks with a mofuckin’ vengence!

    You are awesome.