NYFW: Victora Beckham (You Know You’re Curious)

She sings, she dances! She rears children, she marries hot football stars, she has a snarky wit! She makes sunglasses and jeans… and now dresses!

Honestly, I expected to be totally bored by Victoria Beckham’s collection, I really did. I expected to read the reviews and giggle while thinking “Ohhh, who didn’t see this coming…” I fully readied myself to push through potential boredom and finish thoughtfully looking through a collection of blah.

And I was totally, totally wrong. Okay, like 85% wrong.

I definitely wasn’t blown off my seat by Ms. Beckham’s collection of dresses and seperates. Skipping the runway, she held appointment-only viewing sessions in the Waldorf Towers yesterday. And when I say “collection of dresses”, I mean it. You won’t find a shirt, skirt or pant in the bunch.

Overall, I liked the collection. The woman is obviously frightened by the idea of “pattern” and really enjoys the 1940’s aesthetic. I decided that this collection was best fit for a prohibition-era female super-villain. Slinky, but powerful. Covered, but also…not. Sensible, but extremely daring.

150% super villain ball gown. C’mon… It’s so true!

This is THE hemline of the collection. There were a couple shorter mod shifts, but this just-below-the-knee is what Ms. Beckham, herself, wears… So why wouldn’t it be the predominant hemline? This is all about Posh Spice’s infatuation with her own sense of style.

I adore how the shoulders extend out of the body-line on this… It’s very futuristic, but anachronistic at the same time.

Hey, deja vu! How fun.

Here’s one of the aforementioned shifts. I like it, but it’s literally the same pattern as 3 other dresses in the line… I understand the feeling of “Oh, I love that, but wish it were in a different color!”, but VB doesn’t seem like the “people pleasing” type of gal when it comes to fashion, so what gives?

See the rest of the collection here.


  • Sal

    I, too, am impressed. Surprised and impressed. And you’re spot-on, Miss Elle: Sultry supervillainess all the way!

  • These dresses are SO Victoria Beckham.

    I love that dress with the studded design, and the second picture with that flirty grey suit.


    Fabulously Broke´s last blog post was It takes a village to raise a child…*snort*!

  • amanda

    wow that first black evening gown is fantastic ……………. i am very impressed can we get the look on the high street ……..