Okay, too far, American Apparel

I’ve been known to enjoy a fashion flashback or two in my day, but I know when to stop. I know to put the snap bracelet down if I’m wearing leggings. I know to leave the wedges and daisy chains at home if I’m wearing something flowy. I definitely know to ditch the fake mole and 75 cross necklaces when I’m rocking black sheer with an edge.

American Apparel, once again, does not know when to stop. They are like an anachronistic consumption portal for all who need not define their own style. You’re sure to fit in at the indie rock club if you throw 3-4 American Apparel items on. From basics to “so uncool, it’s cool”, American Apparel has you and your awkward, pedo-stache-wearing boyfriend covered for all your awesome, no-longer-cool trend needs.

That is why this ad exists:


Do not get them now. Run. Run far.


  • Could not POSSIBLY agree with you more!

    Rebecca´s last blog post was Textured Hosiery!

  • I can’t help thinking of that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie points out to Berger that real New York women don’t wear scrunchies (except maybe when they need to wash their face in the mornings). And I totally agree; scrunchies should be left in the depths of the bathrooms, behind closed doors.

    lisa´s last blog post was Today’s Outfit: In The Nude!

  • I saw this ad the other day and thought it was a joke. Scrunchies? Really?!

    Christy´s last blog post was Just stop it, Anthropologie!

  • OH lord – you are so right… way too far AA! Not cool at all. However, AA is making 80’s theme party dress ups far easier to shop for :P

  • AT this point I think they’ll bring anything back to make some money!

    Fashiongrail´s last blog post was Tori and Dean “Home Sweet Hollywood” Sneak Peek!!

  • Amen! And I agree with Lisa, scrunchies totally remind me of that Sex and the City ep…classic!

    Anna´s last blog post was Style With Design: Lady Gaga!

  • No No No. Thats definitely taking it too far. I agree 100% with you.

    Sherin´s last blog post was Fashion in Politics: Queen Rania of Jordan!

  • I saw them when I was in the store a couple of weeks ago. I still have enough scrunchies in storageto tide me over a lifetime (but my hair is short now anyway!). I don’t know, I don’t hate them – lol.

    eyeliah´s last blog post was The Symmetry Seven ~ Beth Jones of The Vintage Society!