Screen(ed) Sirens

i’ve always been in love with graphic t-shirts.

No matter how much of a high-quality junkie I think I am, a good, old-fashioned raglan tee will always find a welcoming home in my closet.

Over at The Demoiselles, we’re taking graphic tees and making them deliberate. We’ve been contemplating the effects of a graphic print on body shape and visual perception. We’ve gathered a bunch of really awesome options that we think would highlight each specific body type. As Staci, owner of Mapel, would say – IT’S SCIENCE!

My Broke & Beautiful pick, when it comes to graphic t-shirts, would have to be my current, lust-filled selection from 80sPurple:

Division E - Womens Crying Game Cut Front Top (Malt)
Division E – Crying Game Cut Front Top (Malt)
: $46

Oh, you bet it’s creepy! We’ll pretend it’s because Halloween is right around the corner (Happy Samhain, as well!), but we all really know I just love creepy stuff.

I have no idea which tee Jen picked as her favorite on Awakened Aesthetic – but go look anyway!

And then, head over to The Demoiselles, and give your thoughts on our graphic theory.