Strange Cravings

Sometimes, I’ll glance at a new “trend” and grimace. Occasionally, I’ll raise an eyebrow… But usually, my head and my heart match up as far as opinion.

…But sometimes, they don’t. I’m experiencing some inner conflict over my desire to sport lace leggings. As someone who is vehemently against the return of the 1980s, this bothers me. Lace… footless… leggings? Seriously? This feels wrong.

But alas, I still need them. Colors – don’t care. All of them. None – all back. Whatever. JUST GIVE ME SOME, PLEASE.

It’s the styling on these first pair that expedite my pulmonary functions about lace leggings in general:

Future Classic Lace Leggings from Forward by Revolve
$45 (were $112)

Everything about it is so good. They also come in olive, but I’m Ehhh on those. I like the pink-y salmon color. I need those shoes, too.

Costume Dept Gardenia Flower Lace Leggings in Ivory
Costume Dept Gardenia Flower Lace Leggings
from Revolve $26 (were $37)

These are excellent, as well. I kind of like the stirrup-action on the previous ones (Did I really just say that?), but the ivory, as opposed to stark white, is really nice with basic, dark dresses.

Kova & T Lace Leggings in Navy
Kova & T Lace Leggings in Navy
from Revolve $83 (were $165)

Kova & T had a sample sale today at Gilt Fuse, and that’s really where this obsession started. The ones I was coveting where ivory with a pink sheen to them – these are black with blue sheen. I like it less, but they’d definitely be striking, and I like that.

6126 “Gladys” Leggings
$58.50 from Bloomingdale’s (were $84)

Lindsay Lohan makes her debut on B&B. I know, momentous. However, that doesn’t mean I’m paying $60 for leggings with millions of tiny holes in them.

Moa Moa Lace Leggings from Dillard’s $19

These… are good. Good price, good length, good seams (I like the seams). Definitely a good option – but wish they came in more colors.

Maybe it’s just a phase, or maybe it really is true love… But for now, all I know is: WANT.

  • Danielle

    I have to pause at the footless but the lace I love and the pink/salmon ones are divine.
    .-= Danielle´s last blog ..Face of the Day: Lil’ Sparky =-.

  • I feel like I could snag a pair of these in under a minute. I want to get my hands on a pair of sequin leggings, though … and SOON!
    .-= Sally´s last blog ..This Week I Love … =-.

  • Sometimes you can’t help it…you just fall in love!
    .-= WendyB´s last blog ..Buy It Now: Wendy Brandes for Francis Swear Rings =-.