Style Dossier: Malin Akerman

Never think that I’ll just stop creating new columns for this site. It’s a fierce addiction that I just can’t stop – I don’t have the strength.

For those who are wondering, I chose “dossier” as opposed to “profile” because a) everyone says “style profile” and b) I used to be completely addicted to Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, and in the DOS computer game (which I mastered, by the way), you get a “dossier” for each case, and I always thought I was a badass because it was a “big word”, and I loved it.

So, Malin Akerman. She play the ultra-hot, deep brunette Silk Spectre/Laurie Jupiter in the recent graphic-novel-turned-feature-film Watchmen (which, if you haven’t seen it, you must, ASAP – read the graphic novel first, though!). Before that, though, she played bubbly blonde Tess in 27 Dresses, which – I admit – I’ve never seen.

This girl is definitely on the up-and-up, so why not do a little style-drooling?


It’s clear from the photos I’ve found of Miss Akerman that this girl loves neutrals. I was really excited to learn this, actually, because neutrals are colors, too, damnit! I love this taupe-y grey dress she’s got on here – albeit a little nippley for my personal taste – it’s stunning. Part henley, part twisty structured frock, and part easy t-shirt dress – it’s grand.


Our little doll also has a bit of a devilish side! She appears to love sheer fabrics, short-short dresses, and body-hugging anything. I love that she’s not afraid to play with fashion – even if it involves showing a bit of ass.

Malin Akerman

Once again with the black, but this time, a little more coverage. Don’t let that fool you, though! A corset dress is a great way to inject a little bit of sexiness into a classic, glamorous gown. The white clutch is an unexpected, gutsy touch.


Gasp! Color! But only a touch. I love the contrast between her softly bronze locks and the severity of the block colors in the dress. She can definitely pull off a strapless… well, anything! Definitely a bonus of being smaller in the chest.

So we learned that, while Akerman loves neutrals, she also can’t seem to resist strong, contrasting colors. I dig it. So, here’s what I would dress her in, provided I had the chance. No budget necessary! This stuff is all easy on the pocketbooks.

Soda Blu Sleeveless Bow Satin Dress
Soda Blu Sleeveless Bow Satin Dress

$45 (was $150 – no, I’m not kidding)

This is the perfect dress for her, in my opinion. The pleating adds some structure and interest at the bust, but the rest of the dress is smooth and classic. We know she loves her black!

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Alloy Double-V Chain Tank

This top appeases her wild side without being too flashy. She’s got the bod’ to pull of some chain straps, and the billowy fabric around the torso will balance out the sexiness around the shoulders.

Betsey Johnson Mega Dot Mini Dress
$106 (was $355)

Contrast? Check. Short short? Check. Fitted? Check. This is a great dress. If you’ve seen Watchmen, you know that Malin Akerman’s legs are approximately 75 years long, so this dress would be waaaay up above us, and all we’d see is legs.

Gianni Bini “Maureen” Dress


Okay, I know I said that the first dress was the “perfect dress” for Akerman, but I was wrong – this obviously is. It’s got the color-blocking, the beautiful strapless bodice, the gorgeous blue… I would not be surprised if this dress was actually the love child of 3-years-ago-Versace and Rodarte. Not one bit. LOVE.

What a fox.

What would you dress Malin Akerman in? Do you like her style?

  • Sal

    I, for one, love your ongoing features, doll. And I do believe you’ve inspired a new girl-crush for me!
    .-= Sal´s last blog ..Counterintuitive Clothes =-.

  • I’m not sure how I feel about that first dress; it’s architecturally interesting but not very flatting IMO. The lace dress is wonderfully scandalous though! And I absolutely love that last dress you picked out. Gorgeous :)
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Daily Outfits + Photo Recaps =-.

  • miss elle, i daresay we are destined to be friends. for i, too, am a total watchmen fan geek! if you tell me you’re a neil gaiman fan that will really cement it for me. ;)

    also, malin akerman is hot.
    .-= hanna´s last blog ..without fear: the mixer. =-.