The Color & The Movement

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’ve been steadily progressing through what I call a “Grey Movement”. Many a shapeless-this, a monochromatic-that… Little did I know that this phase was just that – a phase. One morning, I woke up, looked in my closet and said…

“Where the F%*2 are all the colors?”

So, naturally, I’ve turned to my main addiction: memorizing store inventory via the internet. I’m not even exaggerating. Ask my friends and they’ll tell you that my photographic memory is 96% full of past and present season inventory from at least 15 stores. It’s a sickness.

Interestingly enough, while I’m less attracted to a color-less palette, I’m still highly interested in the shapes that I was previously coveting – the loose draping, the voluminous pleating – it all still appeals.

I wanted to call this post “The |Color| & The Movement”, or “The Absolute Value of Color & The Movement”, but a color really can’t be appraised simply by whatever color it is – it has to be adjudicated for it’s compatibility with the shape, the material, the cut, the seaming, the body… There are too many components of an article of clothing to deem it positive or negative simply by the color, which is why I can never say “I’ll wear anything [insert color here]”.  So I’ve collected a rainbow’s worth of garments that I’m currently infatuated with simply because of the relationship between all of these different aspects of clothing.

Hazel - Womens Dress with Brouche (Rose)
Hazel Dress with Brouche (Rose) $87.20 (was $109)

I adore this dress because it’s not really “on-trend” at all. It’s baby pink, which is terribly sweet, and short – a little innocent-style sexiness – and then the details of the dress are very raw and unfinished.  Very unique.

Poleci Asymmetrical Tank
$92.25 (was $205)

Coincidentally, I just learned about this brand today, because they had a sale on Gilt Fuse!  I really love the crisp line of color – I’m fascinated by the choice to put the break slicing right through the cowl.

Cheap Monday Pencil Skirt
Cheap Monday Pencil Skirt $66 (was $110)

Admittedly, I’ve never worn something so… lederhoseny, but this doesn’t look so bad.  I like the soft grey instead of black or blue or khaki, which is how I’ve usually seen this style. PS – Pockets.

Paul & Joe for TheOutnet Silk Blouse

I love that these kinds of drape-y, roomy tops are being done in these great patterns.  I’m kind of “over” them in solid colors.

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BB Dakota Chatterton Coat
$63.95 (was $125)

I’m not sure if I like this because I like the plaid, or because it reminds me of Jeffrey Sebelia’s final dress on Project Runway…

Could be either, really!

Charlotte Ronson - Womens Audrey Dress (Black)
Charlotte Ronson – Womens Audrey Dress (Black)
$90.40 (was $226)

I’ve been fawning over this dress for weeks…  I love the cut, I love the subtle glamour, the sheen…  IT IS SO GOOD.  (And so very on sale.)

Postella Silk Lima Dress
$55 (from $220)

This dress actually kind of shocked me when I realized I liked it…  There are a virtual rainbow of colors in this dress.  Yet – it’s not overkill, it’s not obnoxious, or flashy, or tacky.  A Christmas miracle?  The cut is basic enough to carry the heavy pattern and array of colors.

The times, they are a-changin’!

  • While I agree with your assesment on color, the best trend this season is the mixing of neutrals. Two years ago I would never have worn black and brown together, and now, I’m seeking it out. This is a great way to take your boring neutrals and have some fun. An all black outfit can look more colorful with a tan belt and pair of boots for example.

    Just a my two cents on what to do with all pieces lacking color:)

  • That Charlotte Ronson dress is ALL kinds of fierce. Now, I’m back to having something to drool over the next time I hit up 80s Purple (yeah, because I SO needed more stuff).

    Thanks, darling!
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