Time to Stock Up on Elves

You know, keeping your elf stash up-to-date is extremely important these days with the economy sending blow after blow to our net worth. The more elf you can involve in your daily routine, the better off you’ll be. If you’re new, you may not know that having an elf collection is extremely style, and budget-savvy.

Confused yet? Well, let me clear it up for you: I’m talking about e.l.f Cosmetics, or EyesLipsFace, an extremely budget-friendly line of cosmetics. (We’re talking budget-friendly as in… the majority of their products are $1. Yeah. That kind of budget-friendly.)

So I stock up on e.l.f. products whenever I get the chance (you know, find 6 quarters on the floor, etc..), and lucky for me us, they’re running a promotion right now where everything is BOGO 50% off! It’s elfonomics! Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off When You Use Code ELF4U. This is good until 3/31/09!

Here are my highly recommended staples:

e.l.f. Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in glow/fair

Ooh, a pricey start to our staple collection! At a steep $3, this is my go-to, number one, absolutely must have it item. A lot of women will claim “mascara” or “lip gloss” or “blush” as their one piece of never-leave-the-house-without-it makeup – this is mine. I never go anywhere without highlighter on the old cheekbones. If there was a contour blush on the other end of that highlighter, I’d die a happy woman, but the under eye concealer is the next best thing. For a really natural look, swipe the concealer over your eyelid, add mascara and highlighter with some tinted lip balm and you’re good. The concealer also comes in “light” and “medium”. I’m pale and Irish, so I go with the “fair”.

Pink Lemonade
Shimmering Facial Whip in Pink Lemonade

This is the product for someone who loves the ethereal look but doesn’t want to need 5 different powders and two brushes to get it. The facial whip comes in 6 colors that are all great as blush/highlighter, eyeshadow, and even lips (preferably over a more bold, opaque color). I love Pink Lemonade because it’s got a hint of pinky glow with all the shimmer of the highlighting wand.

Melon Mayhem
Candy Shop Lip Tin in Melon Mayhem

This is the easiest thing on this entire list. This will fit into any purse, wallet, clutch, pocket, sock… Whatever you need to store stuff in, this will fit. The Melon Mayhem color is a beautiful, transparent peachy color that undoubtedly looks amazing with every skin tone. The best part? Flavored! It comes in a ton of other shades and flavors, too!

Eyeliner Brush
Eyeliner Brush

Let me preface this upcoming onslaught of praise by saying I modified this brush. I cut a 33 (or so?) degree angle into the fibers of the brush, because that’s how my old eyeliner brush was, and it was ACES. I would surely die without an eyeliner brush, I’m serious. The ability to turn any eyeshadow immediately into a liner is invaluable to a broke girl. I also use my medium-dark brown eyeshadow + this brush to fill in my brows. Ooh, clever!

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black

Every girl needs black liquid eyeliner. EVERY GIRL. It’s crucial for the perfect cat eye, which is a staple of makeup looks, and thusly made this list. I’ve tried a lot of liquid liners in my day… I’ve found that those stupid sponge-tipped ones are excellent at completely ruining your entire eye, and the creme eyeliner gels are a) too expensive or b) too thick. I’m so picky all of a sudden! Ever since I heard about the genius that was an “eyeliner pen“, I’ve been on the lookout. How can you beat a dollar, anyway? This pen also comes in 4 other delicious colors.

Tone 2
Clarifying Pressed Powder in Tone 2

This looks like face powder, and it is, but I use it as a contour powder right underneath my cheekbones to, you know, make it look like I have any. There are 4 tones total, and this is the second lightest one. I know, get a tan, right? I wish. I’ll also use this under my chin and beneath my jaw bone if I think I might have any photos taken of me, because the last thing I need on my photographic resume is “girl who always has double-chin”, even if I don’t. It’s just inevitable that I will have a double-chin in a photo. It just has to happen that way, but with this powder creating an instant shadow below my chin, that fear is as good as gone.

Mineral Eye Shadow in Socialite

Okay, in all honesty… I’ve never tried this. I’m adding it to the list, though, because e.l.f. just added a huge number of mineral eye shadows to their inventory, and at $3 a pop, you gotta try them (and so do I). Birdie says that this “Socialite” color is the most perfect smokey-eye shadow, so naturally, it belongs here.

And there we have the staples. What’s the before-discount total on this? $12, are you serious? You’d be a fool not to jump on this sale. Standard Shipping is $6.95 in the US and $14.95 in Canada.


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2 thoughts on “Time to Stock Up on Elves

  • March 2, 2009 at 9:54 am

    “Socialite” is MUCH darker than it looks in that photo. It’s like gunmetal, grey meets gold.

    Birdie´s last blog post was Fibonacci – Unkissed!

  • March 6, 2009 at 11:26 pm

    I love elf brushes, but I’ve never actually tried their makeup before.. I think i better rush down to my chemist and snatch some up.

    Shannon´s last blog post was Another good thing about cute babies…!

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