Trend I’m Loving: The Oversized Clutch

While this trend definitely isn’t a new one, it seems to be finally catching on – at least in the affordable-price sandbox I play in, anyway. These beautiful, eye-catching bags have been popping up all over the place as of late.

I’ve started to notice that there are several kinds of oversized clutch – different styles and “feels” for each look. For instance, the envelope style is essentially just a tote bag whose top has been folded over, downward, to reveal a haldheld bag that’s great for casual outings (depending on the material, of course). There are several styles, though… All fantastic.

What I love about them is their versatility, and power of upgrade. By “power of upgrade”, I mean they have the ability to take a “meh” outfit to an “Ooh, she looks put together!” one – highly valuable for broke, cheap and lazy people (like myself). I also love that you can put everything that you’d put in a “normal sized” purse in the clutch, but have a totally different look! For instance, I don’t feel the need to constantly update my cellphone, so mine’s kind of thick… That, plus my wallet, plus any makeup, plus pepper spray (you HAVE to!) and… my Moleskine (okay, unnecessary, I know) is hell to get into a normal clutch, but with these, it’s perfect!

Avi Clutch
Big Buddha Avi Clutch

RED! With any neutral ever… = perfect. But, if you hate red, it comes in 4 other colors, so quit your you-know-what-ing.

PVC Clutch
J. Furmani PVC Clutch

For those nights when you need to be a little fancy. We all have ’em. Also comes in Silver and Gold.

Carmen Clutch
Amici Carmen Clutch
$48 $37.99

My favorite! I love how totally neutral it is while it stays interesting with the texture and the big ol’ buckle detail. It’s also available in the color inverse (light background, dark buckle), but I feel like that’d get a little dirty – and I don’t know how to clean purses.

Arm Candy Python Flap Clutch
Guess Arm Candy Python Flap Clutch
$62 $32.99

Everyone needs SOMETHING (faux) snakeskin…

Oversized Python Clutch
Oversized Python Clutch
$20.99 $10.49

… or maybe a few.


Probably watching Netflix.

2 thoughts on “Trend I’m Loving: The Oversized Clutch

  • February 2, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Beautiful picks at great prices! I’m so absent-minded when I go out (especially after a few drinks!) that I prefer wristlets to clutches, but these would be so great for gals who keep a better eye on their purses. :)

    lisa´s last blog post was Today’s Outfit: More Strategic Layering!

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