Voom by Joy Han

I’ve never cried while looking through a sample sale before.

The tragedy beauty of the internet, however, allows me to do so from the comfort of my own home. On my own time, I can wake up, check email, check Hautelook for the Voom by Joy Han sale, check my bank accounts, and proceed to weep into my Macbook keyboard… All privately. How quaint.

Fortunately, Joy Han is becoming less hard to find these days. At Hautelook prices? Maybe not, but if you’re asking me, she’s worth paying retail for.

But c’mon. Who would I be if I paid retail? A sucker, that’s who.

So in lieu of my embarrassing lack of Voom by Joy Han purchases today, I have scoured for some deals that, while they might not be of the “$50 and under” caliber of a sample sale, they’re still extremely good prices considering the maker.

VOOM by Joy Han Bridget Sweetheart Dress in Grey
VOOM by Joy Han Bridget Sweetheart Dress $168 (was $239)

This might be one of my favorite dresses from Voom. It’s the perfect balance of right-brain and left-brain, which I consider a prime quality of Joy Han’s pieces. It’s architectural and minimal, but the origami-like folds at the waist are pure art. Check out the close-up – so delicate!

Love it. I think it would look amazing on a curvy girl. Looks great on this model’s figure, too, but imagine the dress with kind of an Herve Leger fit.

VOOM by Joy Han Feather Babydoll in Black
VOOM by Joy Han Feather Babydoll $136 (was $261)

This dress is so interesting. I’ve seen about a billion peacock-empire-waist dresses over the last year – particularly in this shiny, silky fabric. The reason that those dresses are usually “boo” and this one is “yay” is for quality-related reasons. 1) The other dresses were dubbed “shiny, silky fabric” because… they’re silky but not actually silk. This dress? 100% silk. 2) The other dresses usually have elastic around the empire waist, so a range of sizes can squeeze into, inevitably stretching and/or fraying the band. This dress has a simple solution: back zip. 3) Ever seen one of those cheap, printed, empire-waist dresses with lining? Didn’t think so.

I could go on.

Instead, I think I’ll just let you judge the clothes on your own.

VOOM by Joy Han Eyelet Rose Top $102.60 (was $205)

Voom by Joy Han “Jenn” Minidress $53.40 (was $178)

Voom by Joy Han Rose Top $45.60 (was $152)

Voom Statue Drape Dress $87.60 (was $292)

This is definitely one of my favorite pieces from Voom. I love (LOVE) the print, and the draped sleeves don’t feel too kitschy, as could happen easily with the whole Lady Guinevere/renaissance fair style.

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Voom One Shoulder Chain Dress $78.60 (was $262)

What do you think?

  • That statue drape dress is to die for! Also the origami fold dress… jesus. I can see why you were crying into your keyboard. I would’ve too.
    Now I”M off to see what I can find from Voom.

  • The Bridget Sweetheart dress? NEEDS boobs. Homegirl is not filling that out the way she could.
    .-= Jaime´s last blog ..Do You Love Your AG Jeans? =-.