Welcome to 2009!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the year that officially nullifies our ability to wear glasses like these on New Year’s Eve:

A damned shame. Really.

In honor of the New Year (and my AWESOME nomination for Best Fashion Blog in this year’s Bloggies! WEEE!! Go vote for me!!!), I thought it’d be neat to present the most popular posts that Broke & Beautiful has ever had. Yeah, it’s not the best New Year’s gift I’ve ever seen, but when a girl gets her cable shut off, lacklustre posts don’t get made too well! =( I know, I just get more sad by the second.

ANYWAY! Here are the top 10:

  1. Training Wheels: Lush
    The go-to “tutorial” for first-time Lush shoppers. Just reading it makes me want a big, fat bubble bath.
  2. Puttin’ On The Fringe!
    The legendary post where I bravely took a pair of scissors to my own forehead and gave myself some serious bangs.
  3. DIY: Funky French Manicures
    Two bottles of nail lacquer + tape + patience = Super fun nails!
  4. Introducing: The Flat Wallet
    Honing my soothsaying skills really paid off with the discovery of flat, hinged wallets.
  5. +: Hot Summer Nights!
    Curvy ladies everywhere rejoiced over the plethora of smoldering summer dresses to get them through their (sure to be) smoldering nights.
  6. 21 More Flat Wallets!
    It’s like a parade of style!
  7. Harvest the “Crops” for Fall ’08
    Not even the top of my “lame/clever title” list, but definitely in the top 10! =)
  8. Summer Cocktail Parties: What To Wear?
    My annual stare-in-the-mirror-wondering question: answered!
  9. I’ve Seen the Light of Long & Lean
    The AMAZING Gap jeans are highlighted.
  10. Eccentric Nouveau
    Study up on your favorite fashion eccentric icons and translate a touch (or a bushel) into your wardrobe.

Enjoy, darlings! I’ll figure out how to pay more attention to you soon… The Universe has lots of tests for me in 2009!


Probably watching Netflix.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to 2009!

  • January 9, 2009 at 10:14 am

    Ok. So I stumbled across your site when I went to vote for GoFugYourself for that award thing because, you know, they’re all snarky and bitchy and reference Center Stage a lot and I therefore sorta love them. ANYWAYS, the title of your blog caught my eye and here I am. Falling in love again and about to buy like 10 new pairs of rainboots to set along side the $10 polka dot ones I snatched off the Target clearance shelf not long ago, even though I live near the coast in CA so it rains like 1.4x a year. Whatever. Moral of the story: you’re rad and I look forward to perusing past and future posts and buying a bunch of crap that I totally don’t need and would have blissfully lived my life not knowing about :)

    Summer´s last blog post was For your Thursday amusement!

  • January 11, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    Being a new reader to your blog, this post is a great gift because I can go back to look at some of the great posts that I have missed.

    Happy 2009!

    Marisol´s last blog post was One year ago today…!

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