WHEDGLE ALERT: Seychelles Bad Mama Jama!

I know that I overuse the word “obsessed”. In fact, just this morning I wrote an email back to reader, Patty, and I think I dropped the “o-bomb” about 3 times.

As far as posts go, the most recently abused subject of the “obsessed”-overuse movement was the Whedgle. The only difference between that occurrence and others is that I actually am certifiably obsessed with the Whedgle. It’s all I think about – it’s all I talk to poor Jennifer Nicole about. Only. She hates me now. I had a dream I was dating a Whedgle last night, and we were about to tie the knot.


Yes, it’s borderline sickness, but consider my method of sedation…

Michelle, my darling friend and blogger of Decline Designs, sent over a trackback (when someone links to one of your posts from another blog) containing perhaps the most perfect Whedgle I’ve ever seen in my life.

Behold, the Seychelles Bad Mama Jama Whedgle:

According to Michelle, these bad boys are 20% off at Shoes.com using the code SALE (creative, no?). So that puts the final price at only $59.19.

Please tell me if you purchase these so I can start trying to figure out where you live.


  • I think you should get them and post pictures so the rest of us can ogle and covet ;) I think one of my favorite things about them is the name, it cracks me up!

    (also I had to giggle because Matt saw that picture while glancing over my shoulder and was like “Wait, are those baby shoes?!” hahaha.)
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..More (On Sale!) Shoes =-.

  • Ooh, I love them too – so much more comfortable than a pair of heels, and just as gorgeous!

  • Trace

    Oooooo those are gorgeous! And Seychelles are usually so comfortable too! I love love love wedges. Have to practice restraint here and try not to buy them…=)

  • I used to dislike the Whedgle, but now I’m sort of dreaming about them too. Those are awesome!
    .-= Chelsea Rae´s last blog ..What a Bust! =-.

  • This is the first time that I have ever heard the word whedgle; but these Seychelles are adorable, so I’m thinking I’m a fan. :)
    .-= Cafe Fashionista´s last blog ..Destination Paris =-.

  • Oh wow, I love the whedgle. It is so comfortable! I am looking for some to use as wedding shoes, seen any great white or silver ones?

    WeddingFeet’s last blog J. Crew wedding shoes