Whedgle? Wheel? Hedge?

I’m unsure how to describe the subject of my current lusting… It’s really half pump, half wedge… But it shouldn’t be classified as either, individually. It’s really a hedge or a wheel… Or maybe a whedgle, but it only works if you say it correctly. Here is a helpful video:

I fell in love with these obviously for their design, but also because I love the support that wedges give, but miss the “cli-CLACK, cli-CLACK, cli-CLACK” that straight heels make.

Also, the super curvaceousness of these new-style pumps give off a sneaky, deliciously sinister vibe, which I really adore. They’re an unexpected surprise, which is sufficiently lacking in today’s fashion, if you ask me.





Do you see? Do you see how sexy and mischievous that heel is? It’s not a wedge, but it’s not a heel… Brilliant!  I am completely in love with all four pairs. Admittedly, these are obviously quite inexpensive and, thusly, buyer beware if you’re looking for quality. I believe anything can be fixed with an insole, though, so I’m feeling pretty tempted at the moment.

However, if you’re a little more cautious about your shoe purchases (which I’m pretty sure most of you are – Bravo!), here are some more (and by more, I mean more) options from reputable brands, sure to keep your little feets nice and cozy.

Carlos by Carlos Santana Women's Rescue Wedge

Carlos by Carlos Santana Rescue

$98.95 $47.98

Cindy Says Women's Felix  Slingback Wedge

Cindy Says Felix Slingback

$149.95 $67.17

Miz Mooz Women's Zora Pump

Miz Mooz Zora Pump

$106.95 $49.50

Lovely People Women's Stacey Q Peep Toe Pump

Shoes for Lovely People Stacey Q

$144 $65

Boutique 58 Women's Miranda Open Toe Wedge

Boutique 58 Miranda

$114 $51

Naughty Monkey Women's Nookie Wedge

Naughty Monkey Nookie Wedge

$94.95 $45

Enough options? I encourage everyone to check out the side view of the shoes if you like them… It’s a tantalizing experience.