80%20 Releases Their Holiday Collection

And by “release”, I really mean “release.”

There are so many different styles going on in this collection… I don’t even know where to start! 80%20 has always been eccentric, but they’re going the extra mile to cover all the trend bases this season.

First you’ve got the dystopian, rustic boot thing…

Kitty in Black

Thea in Putty

Then you’ve got the “I live in a country club” circuit…

Mallory in Dark Chocolate

Mitzi in Grey

Eliotte Toggle in Blonde

Then we move into the hipster-party-kid shoes…

Diva in Silver Grey

Sylvie in Black

Diva in Black Sequin

No trendy stone left unturned… What the hell is going on?

Which do you like, if any? Can you make sense of this collection?

See the rest here. (Yes, I had to leave some out. Don’t ask me why, just look.)