Floral Midi Dresses: A Bit Dowdy, Yes?

While, when going out, you’ll likely see me in something that has a decent balance of draped vs. skin-bearing, were I to have more opportunities to wear more ladylike items (not necessarily appropriate for dive bars, though, my philosophy clearly states that anything is appropriate for anywhere...), I might be inclined to don something a little more… old-fashioned. Like a long-sleeved, below-the-knee, nipped-waist dress.



You tell me.

Photo courtesy Huffington Post

Oh, yes, hello.

I saw this in my inbox this morning (it was Style.com’s Look Of The Day), and just gawked at it. It’s… so… proper. And so… long – both in arms and skirt. So… high-neckline…d?


So now I’m crazy over these “dowdy” dresses with all the skin coverage in the world and no draping. Kind of a change. It goes against all of the ~*rules (curses to you, What Not To Wear!) about proportion and balance… If you have a high hemline, minimize skin up top, and if you have a longer hemline, bare your arms more. PISH POSH is what I say to that.

Unfortunately, finding a dress with a) these proportions, b) this much fabric with c) this much structure is probably not going to be terribly affordable. So. We may have to compromise on the full double-length aspect of this and go for a more conventional proportion… At least when it comes to dresses. You can also totally do this by pairing a long-sleeve top with a longer skirt and adding a belt.

But that’s, like, so much work.

The nice thing about a style like this is that, no matter how you feel about your body on the day you rock this look, people will always think, “Damn. That is one demure bitch.” before even noticing your figure. It screams elegance, and I am way down with that.