Addiction: Wedge Booties

Jesus, can I just get a pair of wedges already?

I have one pair of wedges.  One. And I love wedges almost as much as Lindsay does.  They’re easier to walk in than pumps – my back is getting a little too worn out to pull off four-inch stilettos – and they look good with pretty much any outfit.

So why can’t I find the right wedges, for a decent price, that fit well?

It’s a curse. I’m certain of it.

My current wedge obsession is the wedge-bootie combination.  Obviously, this means I’ve added a bunch of them to my Wishpot, and spent nights sighing about how I can’t afford them.  But it would be rude of me to keep them from you.

Steve Madden Annton: $129

The peep toe part of this shoe is the one thing I’m unsure of, but it’s growing on me.  Besides, oxfords, booties AND wedges? Guh.  These also have a net height of under three inches (four inch heel, 1.25-inch platform) so the comfort factor is likely way up there.  Also see: excuse for a winter pedicure.

Volatile Outlaw: $69

I don’t really know why I love these so much.  I think it has to do with visions of lacy tops, or cabled sweater tights and dresses.  Whatever.  Who cares.  I just love them.

Sam Edelman Wynn: $179

I know.  I know. These immediately made me think of Lindsay, and about twenty other people who could benefit from the gloriousness of these high, bold, fuck-your-perceptions-of-neutral booties.

Steve Madden Dessertt: $109


I don’t care that they’re suede and would be ruined in Seattle’s sudden torrential downpours, or that they’re three-and-a-half inches and would cause me to fall down in them while running for the bus.  I do care that they’re out of my price range, but only a little.

Sam Edelman Wakefield: $199 $179.10

Yes, yes, I know these are pricey, but imagine them on feet.  Yeah, you there?  You seeing it?  Yes.

Besides, one of my favorite words of all time is mahogany (you should say it out loud so you can get with me on this, seriously) and the color above is named – you guessed it – mahogany.  They also come in black and “sundown grey,” which is more like a muddy toned-out brown, but still very, very cool.

Wedge booties: your thoughts?  Peep toe, or no peep toe?
  • Those Wynn wedges are a total win. Black and cognac? Perfecto.

  • The Sam Edelman Wynn booties are amazing! I love mixing neutrals. I just bought a pair of wedge booties which I adore. Wedges work so well with my school life. I can still have a bit of height while being comfortable and walking around campus!

  • Those Sam Edelmans are amazing. I was thinking about getting the first steve maddens in brown, but didn’t yet.

    Sprinkles in Springs