An Admission About Jeggings

It’s Jen! Lindsay’s bestie, co-Demoiselle, and author of the socially-conscious fashion blog, Awakened Aesthetic. You might have noticed that our blogs are getting cuddly – I’ll remove this text after we get to know each other!

I’m not sure how to begin this post.

If you know me from The Demoiselles, you know that I was slow to warm to the idea of “skinny jeans” (tapered pants!) and am even more apprehensive about their spandex-loving cousin, the jeggingLindsay recently took the plunge into…jeggingdom…and I may or may not have made fun of her for it.  A few times.  With fervor.

So this may come as a surprise:

I kind of sort of love them now.

First thing’s first: thank you, Jolt. Not only did they send me two pairs of jeggings to try out – which was brave of them – but they also don’t call them “jeggings.”  They call them denim leggings, which I personally think is a much more appropriate name that doesn’t make me feel like some uptight trend whore.

Second: I bought into the anti-jeggings anti-denim leggings hype – that they can make a girl with curves look short and disproportionate – so I was pleasantly surprised to find that my legs look ridiculously long in these.  When I combined them with a babydoll dress, I found interesting angles I’d never seen before.

That’s my Australian houseguest, Tegan, who was certain that jeggings would look horrible on her.  I’d had my two pairs of Jolt denim leggings for a week, though, so I knew better and made her try them on.  She liked them so much that I offered her to join me in a semi-impromptu photo shoot at the park next door to my house.  (Photographer: none other than the lovely Lindsay.)

People talk a lot about how comfortable denim leggings are, and yeah, that’s true…but I have been wearing mine (instead of wide-leg or boot-cut pants) because of their versatility.  Maybe it’s just the Jolt brand, but these are really easy to tuck these into boots, pull on with flats, cuff with sandals, and tuck under with heels (like I did with the booties in these pictures).

They also feel more like jeans and less like spandex.  Have you seen those weird, denim-patterned cotton spandex monstrosities?  No thank you.

Yeah.  They’re pretty fantastic.

They’re also breathtakingly simple.  The seaming is classic, the pockets are bare, and the only added stitching is at the top of the jean, below the belt loops.

Thanks again, Jolt, for taking a chance on a skeptical girl.  It paid off.

Jennifer is wearing:
Dress: Forever21 (unknown price)
Denim Leggings: Jolt
($39 $27.30)
Boots: Nine West (via Marshalls, $109 $59)
Necklace: Gift from Lindsay (aww!)

Tegan is wearing:
Top:K-Mart ($7 Australian)
Denim Leggings: Jolt ($39 $27.30)
Boots: Target, pre-idiocy ($27 Australian)
Scarf: Gift from Lindsay (aww again!)

4 thoughts on “An Admission About Jeggings

  • September 24, 2010 at 9:48 am

    I may need to try that brand. I tried a few pairs and they look horrid on me. I may be traumatized but I’ll give them a go.

  • September 27, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    I just jumped on the denim leggings bandwagon myself by purchasing two $20 pairs at Uniqlo! You’re right, they’re much better when they feel more like jeans than leggings. The Uniqlo ones are as thick as normal denim but sooo much stretchier. They even have faux pocket detailing.

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  • January 31, 2011 at 1:28 am

    beautiful.. i like it
    good luck

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