ATTN: Sandra Bullock!

I have a love for people with ridiculous amounts of ambition.

If I could, I would collect them like Kewpie dolls and let them run around the city doing crazy amazing things, purely for my entertainment. I am Godzilla’s philanthropic sister, Ingridzilla.

I received a letter today telling me about a fashion designer based out of Los Angeles who is posting on Craigslist, and spamming the universe (rightfully so!) trying to get the attention of one Sandra Bullock, who has recently mentioned that she hasn’t decided on a dress for the Oscars.

This aspiring fashion designer is desperate to create a dress for her. Here is the post:

Hi Craigslist!

My name’s Michael and I am an aspiring fashion designer here in Hollywood. For many years, it’s been my dream one of the best actress nominees would wear a gown I designed and made for them to the Oscars. My designs are glamorous, elegant, classic, and unique and I would would work fast to make any of the nominees the best dressed “belle of the ball!”

This year, one of my absolute favorite actresses, Sandra Bullock, is nominated and it would be a dream come true for me just to meet her, let alone have her wear one of my designs on the red carpet! I have done several great sketches already that would be stunning on her. So please, if you or someone your know has a connection to Ms. Bullock please help me meet her. I will do anything! I’ll even fly to Austin to meet her!

So, Ms. Bullock. It would be my tremendous honor if you would let me have the chance to show you my designs. I promise I will not disappoint and will make you even more gorgeous than you already are.

Thank you so much!!

Viva Sandra!! :)

Sure, I’m positive that thousands of people have come across this ad, chuckled, and continued on. Maybe even marked it as Spam or something equally douchey.

Michael, the designer is actually holding auditions for Sandra look-alikes so he can photograph them wearing his creations to send to her team. This guy is amazing!

But who would I be, as a lover of aspiring artists/designers, if I didn’t push this with hopes that this kid’s dream comes true?

Besides, dressing Sandra Bullock would be amazing! She wears some of the best dresses I’ve seen. From her history of “plain Jane”-type roles, it’s actually kind of surprising and unexpected. I can see why Michael is obsessed. I love Sandra Bullock, and think it’s a little sad she doesn’t get more coverage in the fashion world. It’s not her fault she’s not a 12 year old girl, nip-slipping in 5″ stilettos! Let’s take a trip down Sandra Lane, shall we?

(All photos from Just Jared & PopSugar)

At the German Premier of The Proposal in Halston
Sandra wears "The Ugly Dress", which I love. Anyone know the designer?
At the Golden Globes 2010 in Dior
At the premier of Premonition in Lanvin
At the People's Choice Awards in BEAUTIFUL Vivienne Westwood
Such a great dress! Critics' Choice Movie Awards. Anyone know the designer of this beauty?
Not really red carpet, but this is from the Oscar Luncheon only a few days ago. She looks fantastic.

She is fabulous. That’s just how it is.

What would you like to see Sandra wear?

  • Kim

    uhhh that Pink Dior dress is AMAZING. And I love Sandra Bullock. I actually saw the post online for Sandra look-a-likes and was wondering what in the world this person was up to. Thanks for answering the question!
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..New Envirosax! =-.

  • Lindsay

    New @ B&B… ATTN: Sandra Bullock!

  • Cid

    Love Sandra Bullock, her style, her acting and she is awesome. I hope she wins the Oscar! I hope to run into her one day here in Long Beach, her husbands shop and restaurant are close to where I live. My BF has seen her around town so I am hopeful! Good Post!

  • Ellie Di

    Can I just take a second to tell you how much I love Sandra Bullock? She’s so incredibly beautiful, stylish, and actually has a brain. Ever since I was a teen, I’ve wanted to dress and smile and have hair just like her. It started with Practical Magic and just exploded from there. Her movies usually are ditzy or sucky, which makes no sense to me, so I generally stay away. But damn! Girlfriend makes those dresses look good!
    .-= Ellie Di´s last blog ..National Eating Disorder Awareness Week =-.

  • Yep, gotta love that dude’s hustle. I also love Sandra in Westwood.
    .-= WendyB´s last blog ..Having a Ting Tings Moment en EspaƱol =-.

  • Wendy: I was kind of surprised to see her in Vivienne Westwood! She didn’t seem… wild enough, I guess? She’s an absolute DISH in gold, though!

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