If you don’t love Burt’s Bees, I question your motives.

Seriously. They are an amazing company with the right set of ethics, and the right approach to the cosmetic industry — health, ingredients, and processing standards come first, while a mindful approach to sustainability and environmental awareness are close behind.

The company has a huge hand in human and social rights as they’ve partnered with over 40 organizations aimed at improving the state of the world we’re currently ruining. This is a huge departure from skin-bleaching Dove, or the slough of other cosmetics companies employing such ingredients in their products that would make a baby seal cry.

So, Burt’s Bees asked me to — in honor of Earth Week — find my inner Bert.

Well, I did. And he looks like this.

A little scary, right?

Not a bad representation of Burt, though, right? I mean… I don’t have real manly scruff and I’m pretty sure Burt doesn’t have a penchant for liquid eyeliner… But let’s compare anyway:

Pretty close.


I use Burt’s Bees products every day — no lie. And they didn’t send me a bucket of lip balm to make me say that, either. I honestly have been using their products forever because they are an amazing, ever-evolving brand that keeps making things that I want to put on my face. Here is my Burt’s Bees home arsenal:

This stuff is immensely hardcore. I use it three times per week in the shower, preferably in the morning. As you wash it off, the feeling combined with the smell is really, really similar to getting punched in the face with flowers. It’s perfect. $8

I’m obsessed with this stuff in Rhubarb. Mine is almost gone, actually. It’s the perfect “is she wearing lipstick? I can’t tell. Maybe she just has really nicely colored lips. Or is that lipstick?” shade. Not too dark, not too obvious, looks good on camera (what? I’m vain.), and it’s got a little tingle to it, which I love. $5

This stuff is a Godsend. I have the most jacked up cuticles ever (biter.) and if I didn’t have this constantly on hand (rimshot.), I’d be in big trouble. Plus, it smells nothing short of amazing.

Do you Burt? What’s your regime? Do you think I should grow a beard?

PS – I know you’re jealous of my beard, so if you’d like one for yourself, check out FindYourBurt.com!