Daisy, Daisy, Daisy

There is a special place in my heart for Daisy Fuentes. Being a product and avid admirer of the 90s, Daisy was right up there next to Kennedy (my ultimate fave) in the long list of favorite MTV video jockeys. Same applies to Jenny Macarthy for her Singled Out appearances. I miss that show.

Daisy Fuentes does a line for Kohl’s that you may have heard of – it’s called… Daisy Fuentes. I was skeptical at first, when looking at the Fall 2010 Lookbook, but once I was able to look past the very-Kohl’s styling, I saw some pieces that I would love to own. Yes, I am saying that I want to wear Daisy Fuentes.

I have to say… I love the Equestrian Ponte Legging. Naturally, I dig the vest, though I’m not inclined to wear things without sleeves. I’m no cowboy.

I like the Cardi Wrap – but pink, much like cowboy attire, is not really my bag. I love the drape, though! The fabric looks lush.

I love everything in this image sans the shirt. I love the shorts, the shoes are ridiculously gorgeous, and even the bag is ok. It helps that Daisy has amazing legs.

Hi. Everything. Want. Love. Need. SHOES! Does she make the shoes, too? I don’t know. But I love them. A+ styling.

This stuff will be out soon (you can see when underneath the list of items on each image), and to see what is currently available at Kohl’s, you can click here. Most items are under $60.

Probably watching Netflix.

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