ECIG: Black Market Baby

I think I found this brand through Kingdom of Style… I can’t recall exactly, but I loved their Etsy shop so much that I not only added them to my “favorite sellers” – I subscribed to their store feed via RSS so I could see exactly when they added something new to their inventory.

My favorite piece, the Asymmetrical Hoodie ($80).

To me, Black Market Baby by Audrey Cantwell is the epitome of understated goth-meets-structural-fetishist-wear.  They’re a little dark, a little standoff-ish, but not remotely unwearable. I love the architecturally-modified basics they offer. Each piece is accompanied by as much edge as a glacier, but could still easily be made soft and feminine, if paired with the perfect counterparts.

The gorgeous Lithosphere Lace Maxi ($80).

Innovative and edgy Thigh High Leather Panel Leggings ($92).

Cantwell has an impressive list of blogger followers who wear her duds on a regular basis, which I’m eternally jealous of. Based out of Montreal, I have a feeling this one-girl brand will not be black-market-specific for long.

I adore this – so easy, yet so stunning – Lunar Hex Mini Dress ($80).

Absolutely coveting the Leather Band Tank ($80).

I also like how most of the inventory of Black Market Baby is a nice, clean $80… Not to much, but you know you’re getting quality. Visit Black Market Baby’s Etsy shop here.