Fall Back, Spring (to) Forward

Like the ever-coveted Reverse (members only – that link is my referral), Revolve clothing has yet another sibling site – Forward. Forward places its focus on up and coming designers, i.e. what’s next.

Well, as would be shocking to no one, they are having a huge sale on some of their most luxurious, salivation-inducing pieces in their inventory. They’re touting 30-80% off – don’t don’t get your heart rate up too quickly now… These folks deal with high-end design, therefore the beginning retail is a bit more mortgage-payment-like than some other things we typically talk about here.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to hike the heavy hills of D&G, Alexander Wang and Vivienne Westwood to find the pieces that we can fit into our pockets.

Side note: all of the sibling sites – Reverse, Revolve AND Forward are running major sales right now – get on it!

Yohju Yamamoto T29 in White $151 (was $719)

Not only would you have a great piece of fashion art form Yohji Yamamoto, but a completely beautiful wearable one for a fraction of the retail price.

D&G Mary Janes $164 (was $495)

A beautifully basic shoe from an anything-but-basic house of fashion – D&G. I can only imagine the feel of that leather over a woman’s foot… A little scandalous!

Viva Vena! Paper Knife Dress $98 (was $195)

So sweet! I love the pattern on the dress, and her hair/boots might hvae had something to do with it, I admit.

Jonathan Saunders Negative Flower Vest Dress $131 (was $162)

I am dying over the idea of a negative print flower. I mean, c’mon. How could that not be beautiful?

So skip over to Forward and hop in on the sale!

Probably watching Netflix.

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