Guess Who: #4

I was working on another Guess Who post for a while until I saw this amazing retailer and had to post about it ASAP. Their products are gorgeous – and just my type. Feminine, but a little edgy, a little rough-around-the-edges, and definitely wearable and comfortable. Let’s see if you can guess the prices, and the retailer!

This top kills me. I love the drape and the ease of it in contrast to the amount of skin showing. Dreamy!

This color is absolutely amazing. Again, so easy, but still very feminine and glorious.

I KNOW. Cropped? Pleated? Trousers? I’m serious. These are amazing. Not for every body type – but for those who can rock it, amazing.

These remind me of a cut-up version of the 80%20 Georgie boots. Not to the point of knock-offs, though – so I feel comfortable swooning.

Separate-love session occurring. This is so cute, but still kind of punky. VERY COMFY, NO? Want it, badly.

This feels so AllSaints today – my favorite store ever, by the way. Plaid that isn’t overwhelming, but is still interesting and obvious enough to know what it is – melts my heart.

Gives a sassy new definition to “steel-toe”, doesn’t it? I love it. It’s like a wing-tip, high-heeled, sueded, ass-kicking shoe.

Please meet the sweetest, cutest, structured dress I’ve ever seen.


Guess who!


Charlotte Russe

Did you guess right? Charlotte Russe recently underwent a gigantic overhaul of both site design, branding, and – clearly – inventory. Their new offerings are much more current, size-friendly, and mature than their previous Juniors-centric line.

Are you ready for the [crazy] prices?

Single Sleeve Chiffon Top $22.50
Sashed Bubble Tulip Skirt $24.50
Men’s-Inspired Cropped Pants $26.50
Cinched Peep-Toe Bootie $30
Shoulder Cut-Out Bow Tee $18
Plaid Ruffled Babydoll Dress $26
Suede Pump with Perforated Toe $22.50
Tailored Zip Dress $39

Smitten? I certainly am.

Probably watching Netflix.

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  • October 5, 2010 at 11:24 am

    Hey! So…who is it? Or how do we play this game?!! I just stumbled upon your blog & started reading this morning! Do you reveal the retailer?!

  • October 5, 2010 at 11:24 am
    Permalink I see after I posted this! Opps!

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