Happy Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day…

…I’m going to talk about Diesel.


And how they have, to this day, my favorite ad campaign and maybe the only ad campaign where I didn’t really care about the product, but I bought it anyway.

Diesel’s Fuel for Life perfume-y cologne-whatever. Fortunately, it smells really good (a little smoky/musky with some kind of floral note that makes you want to bite people in a saucy way), but I could not get over how gorgeous these adverts were.

I mean, look at them! Stunning.

So beautiful.

Do you have a favorite perfume? Also, have you ever bought something strictly because the ad campaign entranced you?


Ok, good. Now go to Awakened Aesthetic. It’s Earth Day, ladies, and we have responsibilities.

PS – You can snag DIESEL Fuel For Life Pour Femme at Amazon for $26.

PPS – I wasn’t going to tell you this, but this post was inspired by my inability to not spray perfume into my mouth.