Holy September!

Well, I’ve officially had my “last summer vacation” in the San Juan islands. Summer might be officially over, and I have about 13′ of work at my non-existent desk waiting for me to stare at it for a few hours before prioritizing it.

OH YEAH, and did I mention it’s effing SEPTEMBER?

September means: fashion month. While this humble budget fashion afficianado certainly won’t be jetsetting off to Milan or Paris this month, I still constantly crave the runway shows. it’s a true production – between the clothes, the imagery, the newness… also the clothes… Yeah, it’s mostly about the clothes. I like looking at pictures – that’s all well and good, but seeing those bajillion dollar dresses on a human, moving through air down a long runway, seeing the shoes actually teetering and clomping on real, solid matter – there’s nothing like it. You can’t get that from a photograph.

Fortunately, for we the broken down apparel whores of not-New York, there are a ton of ways to experience the shows from the comfort of your own pajamas/couch/bed. Zeitbyte is offering the 88 shows in the Lincoln Center tents (it’s so weird not to say Bryant Park tents, right?), as well as the Milk Studio shows.

For the Lincoln Center shows, visit http://fashionatlincolncenter.com/.
For the shows at Milk, go to http://milkmade.com/.

Fashion week starts on Thursday, kicking off with epic, edgy RTW designer, Nicholas K.

(Who is Nicholas K? Can we just talk about this, please?:


Probably watching Netflix.

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