How Do You Really Feel?

There’s nothing wrong with being a little bold.

Emphasis on a little bold.

Over two years ago, I fell in love with my own little piece of boldness via Locher’s Kate Necklace – “A sparkling faceted dangling crystal, a brass spoon, a small glass vile with a white powdery substance in it.” Hee hee. It’s since been sold out (the photo now replaced with a petit salope – little slut!), but Locher’s hasn’t stopped giving their customer’s a sweet, girly way to speak their mind.

Jen & I – we swear like sailors. One of my favorite quotes from Jen ever:

Cursing is like basil. It’s common because it’s awesome.

Flip the Bird

This requires no explanation. I love the little diamond, though!

Motherf*cker Necklace

So sweet! And so completely not!

Not All Goody Two Shoes

Yes, let’s.

See the rest at Locher’s!

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