I Can’t Quit You!

…but I did. Just for a little bit. I took an extended vacation to the San Juan Islands. It was intense and beautiful and awesome – with a little bit of scary mixed in.

Either way, I’m back, and I’m ever so sorry for the sudden departure (which is kind of funny, now that I think about it. OkCupid totally predicted this).

Well, eat this, flimsy internet dating site – I’m here.

Also, my Mom dug out this picture today, citing divine foreshadowing – a sign of things to come.

My 5th birthday. Literally. This is what i decided to do on my 5th birthday – headband, hair clip, DOS.

There is very little relevant content in this post, I just wanted to say hi.

And I miss you.

OH, and I have some serious plans that I can’t tell you about right now that you will love immensely (or really, really hate – it’s one or the other) and I’m very excited to share them with you but I can’t because it’s a big secret so don’t hate me, k?

The end!

Probably watching Netflix.

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