I Know They’re Not Pants, But…

…man, the idea is appealing sometimes.

Like those times when you wake up, look around, see that no, you didn’t magically do laundry without your own knowledge the day before, and yes, there are only four clean items of clothing for you today.

These are the times that my fashion morals are challenged. How easy it must be for Queen Michelle to look amazing every morning, with those 600 mile long legs all a-slick with PVC. Top it with… well, whatever! She’ll look ridiculously good no matter what.

But for me? Can I walk around looking like I just left the Liquid Latex Wrestling tournament, and found a baggy t-shirt on the way home? I don’t know. I think I’m back on the “they’re not pants” bandwagon.

…Then I go to Black Milk. Then I realize it was a mistake, and my morals are aflutter with one hell of a dilemma.

No Longer Available. :(
The Phoenix Leggings

Much in the way I view Bebaroque as the Queen of Tights, I view Black Milk as the God of Leggings. The designer, James Lillis, knows what he’s doing when it comes to spandex + footless leg coverings.

Wet Look Leggings

The ever-popular, highly-appealing leather-esque leggings. I’ve been warming up to the idea of these over the many months that they’ve been… well, everywhere. Maybe someday soon, I’ll pick some up right after no one cares anymore.

No Longer Available! :(
Candy Candy, You Are The One And Only! Leggings

The beautiful print is by Machiko Satonaka. These are nowhere near my style, but I like them.

Leg Bones

I love a good understated creepy vibe, and that’s totally these. They come in white with black bones, too – equally as cool looking.

Gold Sheer Spartans

These are fascinating. I almost wish I had the aesthetic preference to pair them with something really exorbitant and busy… But I think I would feel the most comfortable pairing them with something solid and architectural. Let ’em shine, right?

No Longer Available :(
Lace Spartans

These are… borderline too-“80s” for me. I love a good lace panel, but I’m not sure if I’d feel totally comfortable in these.

These are definitely leggings that you need to take care of. The higher prices are in line with the quality, to be sure, so if you get a pair – REALLY make them last!

Which are your favorites?

  • I know they’re not pants but… YES.
    .-= marzipan´s last blog ..body loving blogsphere 01.31.10 =-.

  • Actually, the lace panel ones are my favorites. I can’t help it – I adore their kitsch factor!
    .-= Sally´s last blog ..The Comment Controversy =-.

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  • I ended up with a pair of the Wet Look leggings and I effing love them with all of my body…er… yeahhhh…
    .-= birdie´s last blog ..Invest in: A Little Pampering =-.

  • Gorgeous!
    .-= anthea´s last blog ..Grammy Awards 2010 =-.

  • Chantal Gavriel

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  • Gia

    @MissElle I am LOVING those phoenix ones. http://bit.ly/bOMHB6

  • Haha. I actually did a post a while back, “Leggings are not pants” http://toya-quarterlifechronicles.blogspot.com/2009/12/leggings-are-not-pants.html

    I actually want a few more pairs to wear under tunics and dresses for the spring. They add so much versatitlity to the wardrobe! And it’s a cheaper option than pants.
    .-= Latoya´s last blog ..Major Envy =-.

  • Jen

    RT @MissElle: RT @MissElle I Know They’re Not Pants, But… http://bit.ly/bOMHB6

  • I’ll admit it…I wear leggings as pants all the time. Truly, they’re too comfortable not to! I plan on wearing my liquid leggings for my midterm tomorrow, in fact!! :)
    .-= Cafe Fashionista´s last blog ..Style Secrets: Symbol of Style =-.

  • I can’t help it I in love with leggings! Whether I make them or buy them. These are heaven!

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  • Zanah

    Love this !! :) Mon Mode Blog
    .-= Zanah´s last blog ..En noir et blanc… =-.

  • I love all of the tights you chose! Machiko Satonaka’s are amazing!

  • Hahaha I love your forlorn intro! I completely and totally know how you feel, and there have been more than a few times that I’ve thrown on a sliiiiightly-longer-than-normal-t-shirt over some leggings and been like, “Does it cover my butt? Kind of? Good enough.”

    These leggings options are fantastic though! I love the styling of the anime pair, even though they’re not me at all. The first ones are probably my top fave.

  • Dolly

    I love the phoenix leggings I am not such a big fan of the wet look leggings but I do like the one with the manga-ish, comic strip one. I found a pair like that on Asos the other day inspired by the Paradise Island comic.

    From Dolly
    .-= Dolly´s last blog ..nina&lola&me =-.

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  • Mimi

    Wow, i love the leggings in the last picture. I have a similar pair but those are just wild! Would definetly wear those out clubbing.
    .-= Mimi´s last blog ..Jack’s Inner Brat =-.