I Need: Wedge Boots

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I like wedges more than any heel you could ever show me.

So I’ve started to collect them, slowly. Next on the list? Wedge boots. Mid-calf, ankle, knee-high… I really don’t care, I just want.

These are from Revolve, who are amazing:

Diane von Furstenberg Opal Wedge Sandal in Black
Diane von Furstenberg Opal Wedge Sandal in Black $295

I know they’re crazy expensive, but they’re so pretty… The wedge reminds me of old dock wood.

Jeffrey Campbell Tick in Natural

I like the idea of unusual fabrics on shoes lately… Like natural tweed.

These are all from Jildor Shoes, who I’ve never purchased from… Anyone have stories?

Lotus Grey Leather
Ash Lotus in Grey Leather $250

Pricey again, but aren’t they stunning? It’s like having an alien wrapped around your foot. And yes, before you ask, it totally comes in black and yes, it is also gorgeous.

MaryRoks Black Suede

Jeffrey Campbell MaryRoks Black Suede

These are funky. They’d look really cool with anything from WeLoveColors.

Have you seen any good wedge boots lately?

Show me, show me, show me.

Probably watching Netflix.

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