I Want: To Entertain

It’s been over a year since I moved to Chicago, and I’m finally starting to feel some roots forming.

That means, of course, I now feel entitled to want better amenities. While I was still in the honeymoon phase of this big, new move – everything was magic. My tiny apartment was perfect and quaint, my biiig windows were beautiful – who cares that they face a brick wall and my kitchen – it’s adorable, with its 64 sq. inches of counter space.

Well… Now that I’m actually living here, I’m itching for an upgrade.

I can’t stop fantasizing about parties, gatherings and soirees… Beautiful music, beautiful people, beautiful clothes, and beautiful food. Don’t worry – I’m not going yuppie on you. We might be drinking Two-Buck-Chuck, Ak-Mak tapas, and grilled cheese petit fours, but it’s going to look and feel much fancier.


Exchange by Charles David – Adept
$24.75 (were $99)
See by Chloe Draped Silk Dress $156.25 (was $625)
Blu Bijoux Black Cougar Bangle $54
Charlotte Russe Ribbed Knit Tights $8.99

The dress: it’s easy, it’s pretty, and it’s really, really on sale. I love the shoes for a) the ridiculous price and b) the extreme versatility that comes from such a unique shoe. It’s not just a black pump – it’s unusual, it’s got an element of design to it.

Some of you know about my other projects – obviously there’s The Demoiselles and there’s Getting Healthy – but a lesser-known side project, only visible via BlogRoll, is Ghetto Galley – my sweety’s and my food blog. It started with an obsession with (prepare for shock) making really high-quality food for a very small price, but it bloomed into a full-throttle obsession with everything kitchen.

…Making my lust for entertaining even stronger.

cb2 Dandelion Square Platter $12.95

cb2 Marble Cheese Trays $16.95 – 19.95

cb2 Arc Stemware $3.50 – $3.95

And, what of the music, you ask? Here’s a sample of my winter playlist (view the whole playlist here!):

GoldfrappBlack Cherry
YonderboiOhne Chanteuse
Ella FitzgeraldAngel Eyes (Layo & Bushwacka Remix)
Deer TickBaltimore Blues No. 1
Thievery CorporationLebanese Blonde

Do you entertain in a small area? What are your tips and tricks?

Probably watching Netflix.

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