I’m Not Hungover

I swear.

I kind of feel like a robot made of snot and blankets. Yeah, I’m sick and I do what I want.

I’m so happy that I recent bought this circle scarf – it’s sort of become part of my body. Yeah, I’m wearing sunglasses inside. Yeah, that’s my high school sweatshirt underneath. I tried to put on red lipstick this morning in attempt to appear half human, but alas… I’ve apparently eaten it all off.

Gala told me to try some crazy voodoo drink to cure what ails me… So I did. That’s right, I’m drinking scotch at noon. And I completely ingested and entire raw clove of garlic. Luckily, the only organisms around me are cats, and they don’t seem to mind my garlic breath.

What do you wear when you’re sick? Do you even try to look decent whatsoever? Or does illness rule when it comes to your wardrobe?

I’m clearly¬† little schizophrenic on the issue. What’s your take?

  • I am perpetually pouty-faced when I’m sick. I’m pretty sure it’s a defense mechanism.

    As far as clothing goes, I force myself into slacks for my day job (but they’re always a comfy fabric and always wide-leg) and immediately change into pajama pants when I get home. Shirt optional, depending on the weather.

    I also tend to wear very little makeup when I’m sick, which I think is also a defense mechanism: if they can see I feel gross, they won’t come into my office to give me more work!