Jeffrey Campbell Goes Pink

Ultra-coveted shoe designer, Jeffrey Campbell, has released a shoe collection destined to fulfill every girly-girl’s dream.

Pink Rock, JC’s first capsule collection, debuts with every “OMG MUST HAVE”, on-every-blog pair of shoes from his last season – in a bright, bubble gum pink.

The four styles that he chose to emblazon in what looks like pepto-suede are below, and all available at the [wonderous] SoleStruck.

The ever-tall, ever-popular Foxy, which debuted earlier this year and was no sooner worn by every fluttering fashionista – including a staggeringly similar pair by one Jessica Simpson. Which came first? Who knows..?

How could we forget? Maybe the most popular, best-selling boot: the Lita. It apparently comes in a veritable rainbow of shades, including an A. Spandex-worthy glitter (she’s already got the mustard pair). I know I’ll be buying a lacy bra & panty set specifically for my own Terry Richardson-esque home photo shoot.

This style is a new one for me. Well, I think it is, anyway. When I first saw this image, I was sure that these were Finsk shoes… But I suppse I’m wrong – t’is the great Meeker boot! I could never see myself wearing any shoes that promoted the idea that light-colored wood was acceptable (in the home or on feets), but I can see the appeal for the more avant garde shoe-wearer.

What good would any current capsule collection be without a pink suede oxford? Meow to the rescue! Pretty sure this might be one of the only pink suede oxfords you’ll find.

Now, in the department of Shoes I Don’t Have Photos For

The Mary in striking pink fur. I dig the idea of this shoe – I am a wedge freak, as we know – and even the furry little bugger has appeal with me.

Clearly, I’m the Patron Saint of Snark not just in this post, but in general; however, I do have one sorta-gripe with this idea.

When I saw the release for this capsule collection, I saw all the pink shoes and all the fuss about to be made about them (including a sneak peak on Nubby‘s blog), and I thought for sure that Jeffrey Campbell would use his prowess in the footwear world and this nutty idea of all pink shoes (a particular shade of pink, no less) to benefit breast cancer. Now, don’t get me wrong – if I started in on companies for not using their fame and fortune for charitable cause, I’d be a lonely, boring fashion writer… But I mean, come on! Look at that pink, look at Jeffrey Campbell’s popularity… I can’t be the only one who feels this way, right?

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ANYWAY, rant over. What do you think of the collection?