Jenny Han: Just In Time for Tea

As we all know, my true love obsession with Bad Joan is ever-present.

The more designers they add, the more I adore them. The more categories they cover, the more I swoon. The smallest adjustments made to their inventory have me on my toes and, yes, there was someone named “Joan” in my dream last night.

Honestly, and I wasn’t planning on posting this, I’ve completely assigned a persona to Bad Joan. She looks like this:

The obvious choice. She she gets on the computer every morning with a cigarette in her hand, and a passive aggressive attitude, and sends me emails saying “Hey, Elle. Just wanted to drop you a note that I have new Jenny Han pieces. Oh, yes I know you can’t afford them… Well, of course I’ll still send them! There’s nothing more delicious than seeing you in excruciating, longing-related pain….”

Bad Joan.

I’m 100% sure that the folks who actually run Bad Joan are absolute dolls – mostly because I’ve spoken with them before and they sound nothing like the Joan that I envisioned.

Anyway, I told you this story because of the immediate visual situations that new clothing occasionally inspires. Do you experience it, too? When you lay eyes on a new, beautiful garment, and all of a sudden you have to buy it because, Oh My God, you’re going to be late for tea with your stylist, and then you’re going to be rushed off to the opera – which means you won’t have time to pick anything up to wear to that dinner party tomorrow night, which the Queen will be attending.

Please tell me I am not nourishing some kind of insanity here.

Either way – insane or not – that is the imagery recently conjured up by the latest pieces from Jenny Han.

Jenny Han Silk Blouse in Winter

Cinched Back Blouse

Pintuck Blouse

Ruffle Front Dress

Jewel Neck Dress

Maybe I just love clothes too much. Maybe, at this point, it’s not an obsession anymore, it’s a condition.