Left My Soul There [By The Sea]

Today on Awakened Aesthetic, Jen posted about drawing inspiration from the sea – something that I always assumed I did inherently, involuntarily, and intrinsically as a product of a sailboat builder & racer, and an fierce lover of strange, underwater creatures – not to mention a loving daughter of the left coast.

Jen got reminded of Jenny Owen Youngs’ song, Led to the Sea, about someone being somehow attracted to the sea. It’s been kind of an ongoing thing – people can’t seem to control their love or reverence of the sea, and I’m no different. Every time I find myself on my way to some kind of water-related destination, I always think of the same song.


Flocking to the sea
Crowds of people wait for me
Sea gulls scavenge
Steal ice cream
Worries vanish
Within my dream

I left my soul there,
Down by the sea
I lost control here
Living free

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The Sea by Morcheeba - Fashion & Style Inspiration

Brandy & Melville Coco Tunic: $35 James Perse Open Raglan Dress $185 Steve Madden Ammberr1 Sandal: $24.99 Clemens En August Silk Print Dress: $222.50 All Saints Vianna Dress: $55 Day Birger et Mikkelsen Sunshine Shirt Dress: $90 Mat & Nat Nico Satchel: $140 Steve Madden Turnpyke Wedges: $89.95

1. Steve Madden “Aneska” Wedge $189.95 2. Brandy & Melville Coco Tunic $35 3. James Perse Open Raglan Dress $185 4.  Steve Madden Ammberr1 Sandal $24.99 5. Clemens En August Silk Print Dress $222.50 6. All Saints Vianna Dress $55 7. Day Birger et Mikkelsen Sunshine Shirt Dress $90 8. Mat & Nat Nico Satchel $140 9. Steve Madden Turnpyke Wedges $89.95

  • Beautiful picks. Definitely makes me long for summer, or at least a holiday spent by the beach on a gray day collecting driftwood.