My Autumn Accessory: Patterned Tights

It’s Jen! Lindsay’s bestie, co-Demoiselle, and author of the socially-conscious fashion blog, Awakened Aesthetic. You might have noticed that our blogs are getting cuddly – I’ll remove this text after we get to know each other!

And now, just after Lindsay posted about her confusion as to why someone would proclaim what they’re “all about” for an entire season

I’m all about patterned tights this season.

I don’t know that my tights obsession counts as one of those seasonal trends Lindsay is talking about, though, because the plan isn’t to make it my “thing” for Fall/Winter 2010, but to incorporate it into my wardrobe in general.  It’s an accessories thing, not a seasonal trend thing.

I buy and wear a TON of basics.  Simple, well-fitting garments are absolutely gorgeous to me, because they can be transformed into anything with the right accessories. Lindsay has been a huge help in finding belts, my mom buys me at least one giant necklace for each birthday I celebrate, and shoes are…well, shoes.  I love them, I buy a lot of them, and my two favorite pairs are teal faux-snakeskin flats and gold-and-woodgrain t-straps pumps.

But the only tights that I own (that fit well) are black.  Basic black.  Boring, basic black.

These are not boring or basic.  (They are black, but that’s okay.)

I’ve tried.  I have.  But I’m five feet tall, have this intense waist-to-hip ratio, and own a really big, clumsy dog.  If I can find tights that fit, they’re ruined within the first week I wear them because omg you’re home can we go outside and can I have dinner and look there’s the kitty I’m going to CHASE IT.

It’s a thing.

But, due to Lindsay’s tutelage, my go-to website for tights – because finding them in-store is like panning for gold and buying them from some Hong Kong vendor on Ebay is wasteful – is

Lindsay’s told you about Sock Dreams already, I know.  She even did a giveaway for them last year.  In fact, she introduced me to them.  But I love Sock Dreams not because of crinolines and prettiness, because the people that run it try their products on. Then they review them, so you know how they fit and how durable they are before you buy.

How come no one has thought of that before?

Kalana Wool Crochet Tights: $20

These are crazy amazing in “espresso.”  I’d be inclined to wear them with all those poofy skirts I’m seeing in stores, or maybe something menswear-inspired.

MP Checkered Pattern Tights: $24

I used to hate light-colored tights, until I saw them on the receptionist at my office.  She took something that seems so…wound tight to me, and made it fun and flirty.  I think the trick is to pair colors like ivory and rose with fun, flirty patterns or checks, and a cute heel.

Seamless Warning Net Pantyhose: $10

Love these, wear them, but please do not buy them in lime. I forbid it.  Seriously.  Don’t do it.  Please.

Codori Crochet Tights: $20

Now this green I want.  Olive!  (Not quite a) neutral!  Wear with black or brown!  Or…in a…tree!(?)

Foot Traffic Combed Cotton Tights: $20

These aren’t technically patterned, but I love the texture of combed cotton, so close enough.  They come in a bazillion colors, too, and in regular and plus sizes.

MP Flower Texture Tights: $32

These don’t come in my size, but I had to post them anyway.  The rich color with the delicate design is just too much.  I think I’d even try to get away with them at work.

MP Ribbed Cotton Tights: $32

So. Classy.  But why are we, again, in a tree?  I’m not understanding this tree thing.

The extra info that I should give you before you go is this: almost all of Sock Dreams’ tights come in multiple colors, multiple sizes and, in many cases, plus sizes.  Their customer service rocks, so if you aren’t sure about a size or how delicate something is, you can always ask.  (I will be taking full advantage of this.  I’m so sick of snagged tights.)

How are you keeping warm in skirts this winter: solid tights, patterned tights, leggings or something else?

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