My Very Own Epic Eyeliner Review (And Success)

It’s Jen! Lindsay’s bestie, co-Demoiselle, and author of the socially-conscious fashion blog, Awakened Aesthetic. You might have noticed that our blogs are getting cuddly – I’ll remove this text after we get to know each other!

As I read Lindsay’s Multi Eyeliner Review Saga, I was overcome with a sudden urge.  I needed new eyeliner.  I needed not-black eyeliner.  I needed awesome eyeliner.

Not only did I need New, Not Black Awesome Eyeliner, but I also needed it to be Not in Stick Form.  My two everyday liners are pretty cool in their own right (for reference, they’re Stila Convertible Eye Color and Kajal Eye Liner) but they do have their drawbacks – mostly that they’re so…normal.  And stick-like.

When I get into this kind of impulse-buying frenzy, nothing really stops me.  So when I was next at my local Rite Aid, I steered myself toward the makeup isle.

My choice: Loreal HiP Studio Secrets Kohl Liner.  (HiP stands for High Intensity Pigments.  Not something your mother would say.)  It’s only $13.00, and I bought it in teal.

Speaking of teal, Lindsay mentioned that though she liked the Smashbox Masquerade Liquid Eyeliner and Lash Overlay, she didn’t buy it because…

“…there are only two shades – a bronze and a teal. While they’re likely very gorgeous on, I’m looking for something a little more everyday and a little less faaaabulouuuuuus!, you know?”

Instead, she wanted purple.

Oh, Blue Eyed Bestie, I hate to break it to you, but for us hazel-eyed girls (and brown- and gray-eyed girls) purple’s the faaaabulouuuuuus one.  Teal, on the other hand, is subtle and classy and “everyday.”

Well, sort of.

It’s bold, but not insane, you know?  I can wear it to the office with neutral shadow and a pencil skirt without feeling like I live in an eighties movie, but I can also wear it our to drinks with platforms and feel superior to all those black liner girls.  (I live in Seattle – we’re all a little superior.)

But that’s not the cool part.  The cool part is that this stuff does not run. Hell, it doesn’t even wipe.

Full hand-on-eye action.

Check out my hand.  See the sparkles?  That’s my eyeshadow.  See the green?  No, you don’t, because it didn’t wipe off.

I’ve never had an eyeliner do that (not do that?) before.

The one thing that sucks about Loreal’s HiP kohl liner – and pretty much any powder liner – is that until you’re a pro, you’ll often get dusted with powder in places you wish you hadn’t.  And because it stays on so well, you’ll need a Q-tip and remover (or oil, or spit) to get it off.  The first time I wore it, I had to reapply most of my tinted moisturizer after finishing my eyes.

But I’d rather have to reapply my foundation once than touch up shifting eye liner ten times throughout the day.

5 thoughts on “My Very Own Epic Eyeliner Review (And Success)

  • August 26, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Very interesting. I’ve seen the HIP stuff at local drug stores, but haven’t tried any of it. I love the teal. It’s not too bright, but it adds a nice little splash of color.

    Also, you can hold a tissue under your eye when applying it to catch the “fall” of the powder. I use a little toilet paper and hold it with the side of my thumb resting against my face, so I still have all my fingers available to control the application of the eyeliner. It works like a charm. no re-applying anything. ;-)

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