Nope, I’m Not Over It

In fact, I’m way, way under it.

It being oxfords. Yeah. I know. Played out, seen, so hipster, so insert-subculture-here. Don’t care. Love them. I only have one pair, myself, and they’re not exactly… oxfords. I mean, they are… Well, look:

Don’t get me wrong – I’m way into these shoes, still. They’ve got little 3″ heels (little, ha) and their wingtip pointy toes make me shiver. But. I seek a more worldly oxford. A shoe that will match anything I tell it to match with rugged, refined skill and beauty.

I want buttery brown, bashed up toeboxes with fisherman’s laces. I want black, thick uppers with thick, grandma heels. And I may even want flat (don’t adjust your monitors)… flat oxfords with amazing details and the ability to class up the more whore-esque digs.

Not that I would wear whore-esque digs, but you know.

Not that there’s anything wrong with whore-esque digs. I’m just sayin’.

I’m just sayin’.

There is something a little anachronistic about oxfords. They’re a little trip back in time when people wore shoes that made any kind of sense at all. They’re a little masculine, but still ultra feminine by the time your eyes wander up to the ankle.

Call me creepy, but there’s something really sexy and sensual about the way a shoe curves around the lateral malleolus, that rounded protrusion that forms the perfect teardrop shape just at the ankle. The way it curves out and curves back in towards the foot – I’m no fetishist, but it’s sexy. Admit it.

Dirty Laundry Women's Lulu Oxford
Dirty Laundry Lulu Oxford $49.95

Nicole Women's Open Up Heeled Oxford
Nicole Open Up Heeled Oxford $99.95

FRYE Women’s Matilda Oxford $93.45

Steven - Melin (Cognac Leather) - Footwear
Steven Melin $49.98

Boutique 9 Women's Brazen Man Tailored Oxford
Boutique 9 Brazen Man Tailored Oxford $121.46