Plannin’ & Dreamin’?

We’re officially on the cusp of fall, so blogs everywhere are beginning to outline their plans for the new season.

“I’m definitely going to accessories.”

“It’s all about natural tones and gold.”

“I’ll be wearing velvet and… tulle.” Or whatever. I hope no one does that, but you get what I mean.

I always read these posts and, while I enjoy a good intention here and there, and themes are always fun… I just don’t understand – personally – how one can limit themselves to a palette or style… for an entire season!? I can barely contain my excitement for eclectic dressing over the span of a week, I can’t imagine saying “navy and white this winter” and then having to go out and either purchase or source all of the things that would be necessary in order to achieve said goal.

It’s one thing if you already own these items and you have recently discovered that you love them, so you plan on furthering that new love in the next season… But still – the planning – is it necessary? Can’t you just do it instead of proclaiming it? Maybe I’m missing something.

Is it trend-related? Are people simply following that which has become (or is presumed to become) popular? I can understand “I want to try this look”, but to declare that an entire set of months will be full of this particular combination of clothing, or color of accessory seems… well, kind of preposterous.

How about “things I like” for fall – “appealing garments” for winter? I follow fashion as much as (if not more than) your average blogger/clothing addict… to which I attribute my inability to commit to one style. Can someone enlighten me?

Image from altamira nyc

  • Amy

    No enlightenment, sorry. I just wanted to say I share your sentiment and confusion.

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  • I always took those “I’m all about” posts as the one trend they’re thinking about dipping into this season. I know that the trend that I’m considering is kitten heels, but that’s not really an all about, it’s more people weren’t making them before and now I’m stocking up!
    So that’s my fashion “all about” and my nod to trends, the rest of what I’ll be wearing will be my tried and true basics. Did I just make any sense?