Did a little experiment last night, which lead to the following results:

Step 1: Not pictured because I’m daft.

Step 2:

Step 3: Sleep for like 4 hours too long (oops). Whatever, it’s Sunday, I do what I want.

Step 4:

After I ran my fingers through the curls once (they literally looked like that right after I unrolled them…), they looked like this:

Sort of in love.

Thanks to my darling Hannah Metz for the idea!

  • Like both looks but personally prefer the just out of rags with the little spirals, seriously too cute!

    On a different note, have you ever had a chance to go and look at my new online consignment store called octobermoonboutique.com????? Was hoping to get some feedback from you.

  • You can find Bourjois Paris in Praline on eBay! I just did a search and found three. I haven’t clicked to see if they are brand new – might want to check that!

  • BlANCHE!!! YOU ARE MY HERO! My absolute hero!! <3