The Best of Times, The Blurst of Times

This year, as best immortalized by Montgomery Burns…’ monkey. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.

I spent this year moving around, getting my heart broken, getting my heart back, rediscovering old passions, and scouting out new ones. Jen came on later in the year to round out B&B’s sassafras and has been warmly welcomed, thanks to you guys.

I really appreciate you all spending your payment-well-earned work hours on my little website. I also appreciate your free minutes, too. This year was about unification, and the merging of the three [best ever] sites: Awakened Aesthetic, The Demoiselles, and this little guy *pinch pinch*.

I’ve stopped keeping count of the years that pass because I really don’t care anymore. I realized this as I struggled to celebrate B&B’s… um, last birthday. I have no idea how long I’ve been doing this. It’s been over a year, that I know. I mostly just really love to find new, interesting, beautiful, affordable stuff and share it, and I know Jen feels the same. So thank you, from the bottom of our cold, dead, hearts. (That was just a segue, we’re very nice people.)

What’s that you say? Cold dead hearts? Why, that reminds me of a couple posts! Back to back, in the beginning of the year:

1. True Romance / True Revenge

A true testament of how life can throw you curve balls, and accessories can become your savior. (Also your savior? Your awesome blog friends. <3)

2. A List of My Own

Now with missing photo! A List of My Own was about me making a set of “resolutions” that applied to my wardrobe. I was going to treat myself better, damnit! Look for an update on The List (hereby only to be mentioned with unnecessary-proper-noun-status-caps) in the new year. Expect tears and laughter.

3. I Know They’re Not Pants, But…

If my mega-breakup wasn’t catastrophic enough to start 2010 off with a bang, this surely was. I considered, so heavily as to make a post about it, wearing leggings as pants. Don’t blame me! Blame Black Milk!

4. Peregrine’s Widow

I was given the amazing opportunity to check out mega-artist, Peregrine Honig’s (who appeared on Bravo’s Work of Art: The Next Big Artist, or whatever) own, personal fashion rag. Filled with images both haunting and beautiful, it won’t be forgotten any time soon (& certainly not seen again).

5. What to Wear to Fall in Love

I know, four months later and we’re on the opposite end of the romance spectrum from January. How does one perform such an amazing feat, Lindsay? Well, find the most amazing person ever, and spend a week across the country with them. Voila, you’re in love. Have a soundtrack.

6. I’m Wearing: Four and a Half Inches

This was my triumphant… return?… to outfit photos – something I’ve vowed to be much better at next year.

7. One for Ten

If you haven’t noticed yet on this blog, many inanimate, invisible things have fashion preferences and personal styles. Sure, maybe it’s a misfired synapse or 12,000, but they like it, so I do it for them. Here, four songs went shopping at a Charlotte Russe sale.

8. You Smell Different

The epic tale of olfactory and its power to completely diminish all that you’ve built up into a sniveling pile of cries. Basically, I needed a new perfume to help me Eternal Sunshine my nasty breakup, so I naturally turned to you guys.


Jen went to Boston to rep B&B!

9. Strange Eyeliner Saga / Epic Eyeliner Review

Jen & I both had a very eyeliner-y autumn this year. I waxed poetic about my one-that-got-away liquid eyeliner from Bourjois Paris and how glitter is the herpes of fashion, and Jen stepped out on a limb and painted teal sand on her face. No, not really, it actually looks really nice. Seriously.

10. My Autumn Accessory: Patterned Tights

Maybe the best collection of patterned tights in all the land. Jen found some seriously heart-crushing, attainable stockings – some of which, I got my hands on (was not as pervy as it sounded).

11. An Admission About Jeggings

YES, WE ARE BOTH WAY INTO JEGGINGS, OK? I don’t want to hear anything from you about it. They are like wearing sweatpants, but looking like you’re actually awake, OK? I don’t see a problem with that, OK? OK?

12. Sm(Art) Like Kelly Murray

One of the most awesome personal-style-meets-art stories ever – are there that many? Either way, Kelli Murray is a talented artist who hold both the gift of sketch and the gift of style.

13. Jeffrey Campbell Goes Pink

Jeffrey Campbell released a pepto-pink line of his most popular, best-selling shoes on Solestruck. This isn’t meant to be a boring tag line, it’s just … Well, that’s pretty much all that happened. The pictures are pretty, though!

14. Two Tone Oxfords, Huh?

Jen got herself all worked up about neutrals and matchability… Only to find that her risky two-toned oxford purchase was a big pile of easy. She still wants your input, though!

Thank you for an awesome year! See you tomorrow (no, I’m not doing the “next year” thing, c’mon).

Probably watching Netflix.

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  • January 1, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    LOVE this. So glad that your year took a turn for the better. And I foresee 2011 as an even better for you and your blogventures!

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