True Muse: Daphne Guinness

Sure, she might be nuts. She might be insane, off her rocker, completely batshit crazy… That will never stop me from loving her.

She preserves the life of insane eccentric – in my mind, she helps me fill the gaps that Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen have left in my imagination. Her aggressive and wild approach to life helps remind me that you actually can do whatever you want, aesthetically. Sure, people will talk… But you won’t die. Your life won’t be ruined because you’re not being “socially acceptable”, clothing-wise.

Jezebel posted a ton of images of Daphne, and I couldn’t resist posting some of my favorites here.

She recently released a fragrance under the house of Comme des Garcons called DAPHNE. I haven’t experienced it for myself just yet, but after watching her pennant, Mnemosyne, I really would like to. I also love what she has to say about the ties between the video and her concept of the scent.

Mnemosyne Interview with Daphne from Starworks Group on Vimeo.

She is amazing.

  • I’m with you, she is absolutely spectacular!

  • Stunning. I would KILL for those shoes.

  • I not only have tremendous admiration for her passion and courage, I also dig her aesthetic sense. Great curating of those photos, too, Lindsay.