Two-Tone Oxfords: Huh?

So I bought these oxfords.

I paid full price.

And I know Lindsay would shake her head and sigh, utterly disappointed, but she’s seen them on my feet and knows how amazing they are.  (Liner notes: they’re by Miz Mooz, cost $89.95, and the construction is impeccable.)  I also bought them at Nordstrom, which is the only place I’ll pay full price because their customer service is god-like and if anything happens to them – anything at all – I can take them back and get a full refund.

I love you too, Nordstrom.

So…um…I wear a lot of black.  And yet I fell in love with this two-toned tan and cream…thing.  And I convinced myself that I could overlook my preconceptions about neutrals, that I could rise above, that I could take these shoes and create a new world in which —

Yeah, okay, basically I convinced myself that these could totally work with my wardrobe, and then I got home and became a wuss about it.  This looks dumb.  These colors don’t work.  Is this a warm neutral or a cold neutral?  Can I wear black and purple with this?  What about this red?  Dear god, what have I done?

Then I got over myself, made some Polyvores, and made an internal promise to come to all of you for suggestions on what to wear these with.  Today they’re paired with a gray dress, olive green tights and a mustard sweater, but my outfit is so safe.

If there’s one thing Lindsay has taught me about fashion, it’s that safe is for wimps.

Two-Tone Oxfords...With Dresses

I wear a dress once a week, minimum: cream dresses, black dresses, dresses with cardigans, and tights tights so many tights.  My goal, in this Polyvore (and the one below) was to get over the idea that I had to avoid black or add tan to “match” the shoes.  (I also threw in the black-and-white version of the shoe, because I could and because I figure some of you hate tan with a passion.  I’m super nice that way.)

My favorite outfit in the above photo is the third from the left.  The warmth of the pink dress really seems to compliment the shoes, and the black tights and ring break it up a little.  Black and tan: yes, Jen, you can.

Two-Tone Oxfords...With Jeans

If you were ever looking to determine “Jen’s style,” this is a good conglomeration: soft and girly; bold and form-fitting; drapey and disheveled; simple and unassuming.  I would appreciate it if Santa brought me everything in this image.  Thanks.

My favorite outfit here is probably, again, the third from the left.  It’s so weekend, and with how busy my workdays have become I’ve grown to adore the weekend.  Just looking at the combination of a faded black tank, a draped shirt, torn jeans and ridiculous oxfords makes me want to be in an obscure, out of the way coffee shop, scribbling out poems and crossing my legs all funny.

I should mention that, because these shoes are full price, which is anti-Broke & Beautiful, I made up for it by making everything else, in both Polyvores (other than the shoes), under $50 – dresses included.

What would you wear these shoes with?  Any suggestions for amazing, totally not safe outfits?

8 thoughts on “Two-Tone Oxfords: Huh?

  • December 15, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    Here’s a 10 minute throw-together of some (under $50) purple stuff (and a black skirt!) I would TOTALLY wear these shoes with.

  • December 15, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    I adore the pink dress with black tights; I never would have thought to combine those two! The third outfit from the left of the pants & shirts combos is an outfit I would gladly wear every day. Thank you for sharing your wardrobe creativity… I know I love the inspiration! :)

  • December 16, 2010 at 11:22 am

    I literally have this argument with my mom once a week, yet she still won’t believe me when I say black and brown work together because they’re both neutrals. She also thinks I use the word “neutral” too loosely because I consider: black, navy, gray, brown and shades of white, neutrals. I think the best way to get over the fear of wearing these oxfords with black is to wear something like the pink dress outfit that you paired with black tights. I also think with such a light brown, grays always work and if you have a gray, then you can have a little black too!

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  • February 18, 2017 at 10:23 am

    I have recently encountered the same issue with a chunky-heeled pair of oxfords in a 3-tone sort of taupe with red and soft black. It seems to create an outfit with these you must start at the bottom and really keep to a palette that at least “goes…” No creative outfit ideas for you, but it looks like you’re on the right track with what you’ve showed us! Keep on loving the funky shoe!

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