I’ve been so-so on the idea of bringing back cargo pants.

I was an absolutely avid admirer (and wearer) of the famed parachute pants in the 90s – it’s true. The more pockets, the better. After I got past that phase, I swore never to go back.

Then, much to my preemptive horror, I began to see not only cargo pants – but skinny cargo pants amidst the well-chiseled legs of runway models.

Image courtesy Elle

Ohhhh boy. Predicament. Do I adore the 90s? Oh yes.
Do I want to relive them? HELL no.
Do I want to be stylishly casual? You bet.
Do I want to look sloppy? No, thank you.
Do I feel like joining the ranks of the military trend? Ehhh.

But if they’re fitted – is it ok? Hm. Is it better if they’re cropped? Ultra tight? Somewhat loose? How many pockets?

Revelation: Wow, how much does this not matter compared to the ultimate question: Do I even like it?

Bottom line? Yes, I do. I like it. I like the idea of it, and the ease of it… But finding the perfect pair has proven to be somewhat difficult.

These are my newest purchases. I saw them at TJ Maxx, snagged them, tried them on and could have just lounged around in that dressing room all day, they were so comfy (in fact, I’m wearing them now). They’re made by Willi Smith – not to be confused with the Fresh Prince – who is touted as one of the “most successful young fashion designers in fashion history”! Under $20 at TJ Maxx? I’m thinking I got away with murder at this point.

The pants are very well made, and the fabric is very thin, though there are no VPL issues to note.

Upon closer inspection, post purchase ($17, thank you very much), I’ve discovered that these are, in fact, one size too big. This doesn’t bother me tremendously, other than the fact that the crotch is… a little too crotch-y. The color is lovely, and the comfort – I’ll reiterate – is top notch. Maybe after I give them a brisk wash, they’ll tighten up. Here’s hoping!

I wore it with a lightweight, pale yellow, sheer sweater which is another one of my favorite pieces. Really soft and cozy, but not so thick that it adds bulk to my figure.

I gotta do something with this hair, y’all.

What do you think of cargo pants? Too 90s? Too masculine? Do you own some, or would you? How do you wear them?

Pants, Willi Smith via TJ Maxx, $17
Sweater, Urban Behavior via TJ Maxx, $10
Cuff, $3 via Cranberry Cottage
Shoes, MIA via OnlineShoes.com

  • They look fantastic on you! Yes, definitely a trip through the dryer to shrink them up a bit!

    I have been debating this style for months. It seems to be sticking and I would really like a casual alternative to skinny jeans. There’s no way I would spend more than $20-$30 on something so trendy though! You got a major deal!

  • Ginatrout

    I was never into cargo pants to begin with, but I bought a pair at Kohls this summer. I love them! So much more comfortable than jeans, yet just as versatile. Kicking myself now because I should have bought more in different colors.

  • Katie

    Hi! Just wanted to say that you are head-to-toe smashingly gorgeous, and I adore this whole outfit on you!!

  • Ten

    Funny! Krystal from This Time Tomorrow is also rocking the skinny cargos in her most recent post: http://thistimetomorrow-krystal.blogspot.com/2010/10/another-fall-must-have.html

    You look great!

  • Lara: Thank yoooou! They are in the dryer RIGHT NOW and I am crossing my fingers so hard that they will shrink!

    Definitely check out TJ/TK Maxx (depending on where you are) – we found at least three different pairs there!

    Ginatrout: They are SO much for comfy than jeans. I feel so strange – getting addicting to *ahem* JEGGINGS of all things, and now CARGO PANTS? What is going on?!? (Comfort, that’s what!)

    Katie: Why thank you!! I love it when comfy things actually end up looking good, too. :D You’re so sweet to say so!

    Ten: WOW – see, her fit is EXACTLY what I was looking for. We even have the same color palette! Too funny. Thanks for sharing the link, I’m definitely subscribing – she is great! <3

  • Amy

    You look fab in this outfit. We are both about the same size…ezcept you’ve got a whole lot more going on “up top” than I do. But anyway…you helped me realize that I will look great in this type of outfit. Thank you very much!

    • I think I have a lot more “going on” up top than most people, hahaha. Blessing & a curse!

      I’m so glad it helped you!! Rock on, girl! :)