Welcome to Rustic Fall

Steve Madden recently indulged us in their new fall wares, and I’ll be honest – I’m… kind of excited?

Steve Madden sort of known for their uncomfortable styles, and their maybe-too-high prices. At the same time, though, they hold a special place in my heart.

I think I was 15 at the time, which would make it the holy year of 2000… I was going to take a train for the first time, from Seattle to Vancouver, BC. It was a trip with my Dad, and those were so coveted (they still are), I was beyond excited. It wasn’t even an overnight trip – we were going to see a show (ahem, Riverdance, believe it or not) and would be returning after it ended.

The only thing that could possibly supersede the anticipation at this point (hey, Riverdance was awesome, so don’t even.) was one single sentence that every 15 year old girl loves, needs, craves to hear: Do you want to get a new outfit for the trip?


So I went out and got a dark grey, wool dress that had a matching bolero with feathered trim (but not around the sleeves, that’s just tacky), super black tights, and my first pair of heels. I’d been begging my parents to get me wedges (I called them “platforms”) for months and months… They finally gave in. Well, my Dad did – which was shocking in its own right. I remember them very, very clearly: a good 4″ heel, at a 1.5″ platform, strappy broads with two little, twisted leather cones on the toe. Little spikes. On the insole, towards the heel, a little white ribbon was attached reading: STEVE MADDEN.

I bought them the night we left (likely after some kind of fit, or hunger strike, as I was wont to do). On the walk up the stairs, back onto the street, I sure as hell slipped rigt off them and cascaded back onto the shoe sales floor, creating the all-too-familiar need for new tights, as I had put a gigantic run into my current black ones. Ah, memory lane. I wish you would bulldoze the housing of embarrassing memories.

Bit I digress. I will likely love Steve Madden until he is so sued out of his mind that he disappears onto the same island where Tupak Shakur and The 27 Club were exiled to.

Anyway, here are the new duds from Steve Madden for fall. As you can probably guess, I like them.

The Annton

Hi, instant new favorites. I love them in the cognac leather, but the black is quite nice, too.

The Heero

Love these in cognac, too. Also available in black, but I’d be afraid they’d look a little too military.

The Cammyy

These could be really interesting, but I want to see them on a human, first.

The Caryssag

Calling Gala and Poochie! I love that they’ve made these available in multi-color sparklies, too (that means, also, calling Annie Spandex!).

The Trouser

Awww. S’cute. And available in navy, cognac, and black, in addition to grey.

It appears that Steve Madden has been reading B&B, because the focus is really, really on lace-up boots. Thanks, Steve! Feel free to send me the entire line. Love you.

  • JGM

    The trouser! It is amazing! I love Steve Madden {some of the time}. I am actually really excited to buy Forever21’s vintage black oxfords…they will never leave my feet!

  • Dot

    I purchased The Herro in black and cognac this past weekend…I’m in total love!

  • JGM: I’m starting to get into oxfords, too! Never thought I would, but they’re so damn cute!

    Dot: Ooooh, lucky girl! I love the look of those – and they’re so appropriately named!

  • Annie Spandex

    Here! XD Multicolor sparkles, hmm? Yessssssss!
    Thanks for the shout-out! xx