What A Lovely Way to Burn

You’ll have to excuse the lack of posts this week… We started off with such a bang (ShopBop’s $100 Giveaway!) and then kind of fizzled. I HAVE AN EXCUSE. A GREAT ONE.

I have a fever. I caught whatever Sal has through osmosis. I had an awesome outfit planned for the first day that I woke up at 3am with a 102°F fever. It was so good, guys. Sigh.

So instead, I’m going to be lazy and show you some of the delicious outfits I’ve been ogling lately. These are all from my Tumblr.

I have always had a thing for Charlize Theron since I saw her in Cider House Rules, and Leighton is so fearless in her sartorial choices (and smokin’, to boot), I can’t help but love her. Did you know she wear a women’s size 5.5 shoe? I don’t know why I know that.

It’s not even explicitly the menswear aspect of these chicks’ outfits, but the simplicity and comfort involved in them. Charlize looks incredibly comfortable, and typically-in-mini-dresses-Leighton really surprised me with such a minimalist approach.

Or maybe I just really want to wear more wool.

This photo didn’t have any tags or any credit. I really wish I knew where it was from! Another stylishly cozy number.

What are you craving lately? And what do you do when you have a fever? I just played Fable: The Lost Chapters for 5 hours.

  • So sorry to hear you’ve been sick! PS – Even though Charlize is dressed kind of casual (which I love), she still looks flawless in her makeup. She’s got amazing style.

  • I’m slightly obsessed with oversized chunky sweaters in which I like to hide from the world— sort of like the one in the last picture, but maybe with a giant cowl/hood. Oh, and when I get sick, the first thing I do is to complain to my mom (a doctor) who inevitably tells me to make an appointment with my actual doctor because she isn’t going to prescribe me anything. Then I lay in bed and complain. Feel better soon!