What to Wear to Fall in Love

I think “What to wear to:” (work, school, shows, festivals, etc., etc.) posts are a bit silly, in all honesty.

The entire point of attending these types of things, attire-wise, is to experiment and find out what works for you. That’s the entire point of “fashion”, right? Self expression? So when I see a “How to dress for… blah blah blah” post, I feel a little offended. Being that I’m of the belief that fashion does not come with a handbook and is, instead, a platform upon which to enhance yourself, I can’t bear to imagine a lost soul finding one of those posts and adopting whatever it is that the author is pushing. I’m sure I’m guilty of a few of these in the past, but what is a blog if not a documentation of progress?

So, my approach to this “What to Wear to…” post is fully inspired by my multiple personalities, which I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. There is the personality that wants that corner office in Manhattan… The one who wants to live in a tree house in Puerto Rico live off of grass and catfish… The one who wants to be forever smarmy and sass strangers in bars while scrawling random fragment sentences in a Moleskine… The one who wants to turn her crappy apartment into a gigantic closet with a stove and oven, and just sit around staring at things…There are so many.

I play out little movies in my head about each one of their lives (am I to be committed yet?), and sometimes – particularly when I hear a specific song – I envision them meeting their perfect match and spiraling into love. Each has a different song, and a different path, though… And that’s what I want to try to illustrate here.

So here we go. I suggest playing the song before looking at the spread. Think of it as an expression of what the song would wear -after all, every song you hear is a part of you for at least a second.


Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home (from the album, Up From Below)

MP Unlike Stripe OTK Socks from Sock Dreams $10
Industry Tube Dress w/ Button Placket $92
MIA Silverado Boots $53.36 (were $133.40)
Gap Lightweight Eyelet Scarf $19.50 (was $29.50)
Katz Round Aviator Sunglasses $10

I think that this is an appropriate outfit for carving names into trees, and making out in lots of tall grass. Correction: Lots of making out in tall grass.


Deer Tick – These Old Shoes (from the album, War Elephant)

Cheap Monday Tight Denim (All Over Cut) $78
Lexi Dolman Top $24.90
Report Lyndon Boots $91 (were $130)
Quiksilver Firefly Motorcycle Jacket $70.80 (was $118)
Striped Draped-Front Vest $22.50
Obey Two Feathers Antique Necklace $38

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A little destructed, but still romantic. I think, anyway.


Martina Topley-Bird – Anything (from the album Quixotic)

Lamixx Shades of Grey Floral Dress $56
Ribbed Knit Tights $8.99
7 For All Mankind Alaines
$95.55 (were $325)

This one doesn’t need much, just like the song says. So pretty.

What is the best “falling in love” song  you’ve heard? What does it wear?