What We’re Reading

Here’s yet another overdue list of the blogs and websites we’ve been in a tizzy over.

First and foremost, some [literal] self-indulgence:

No, YOU Buy It!

Jen and I go through thousands and thousands of products on a daily basis – some of which are perfect for a post, some of which are perfect for our credit card, and some of which are just simply perfect.

No, YOU Buy It not only documents Jen and my ongoing battle with “No, this would be perfect for you-” “No, no, Jen… You HAVE TO GET THIS.” “Lindsay, seriously. Buy it” conversations – of which we have at least three per day, but also gives those “simply perfect” pieces that don’t fit into either of our main blogs and place to live – that is, until you snap it up for yourself.

Sea of Ghosts

I can’t remember if I mentioned this Australian fashion blog before, but it’s worth another mention. The gal who runs it not only offers up some mighty awesome outfits of her own, she also heads the jewelry line Drown. We love her sily smooth, minimalist style and her beautiful, beautiful face. Girl crushes all around here.


This is one biker Mama that I would love to met in a dark parking lot – if only to scope out her massive amounts of jewelry and amazing shoe collection. With a newborn, and 5 inch Celine wedges, this chick is getting a lot more out of life than a lot of people are – and props for doing with such a beautiful aesthetic.

Aureta’s Blog

We’ve been trying to keep this blog a secret, kept quietly all to ourselves, but in the spirit of the holidays – here she is. This is Aureta, and there is nothing “broke” about this girl. Her wardrobe should be insured for thousnds, her face – maybe more. She is a stunning business mogul in the luxury consulting industry who has made her way to the top looking damn good. Keep an eye on this one.

What have you been reading lately?